How To Pull Off Keeping Your Acrylic Nails Short

How To Pull Off Keeping Your Acrylic Nails Short

From coffin to stiletto to mountain peak, there are some extremely popular long acrylic nail looks out there that many clients may hope to try for themselves. Even so, long acrylic nails are not for everyone (we can’t all be Kylie Jenners, alright!), and some people either prefer to keep things short or have no other choice but to do so. 

Long acrylic nails require both plenty of upkeep and extremely strong natural nails, so sometimes short acrylics can be the way to go for a simple style that refrains from putting too much additional stress or wear on the natural nail. 

We at V Beauty Pure are here to help you and your clients make the most out of short acrylic nails, so keep reading to get the scoop on how to pull off this lopped-off look.

What Are Acrylic Nails? 

Acrylic nails are created from a combined compound made of a liquid monomer and powder polymer that have been blended and mixed together to form a sticky, dough-like adhesive that is then brushed onto the nail and left to air dry. Acrylic nails offer both you and your clients a vast array of possibilities and styles to let you show off your styling skills like never before. 

No matter what your client wants, be it a certain shape or specific length, acrylics can help you make it happen. This versatility and customizability have turned acrylic nails into an iconic, beloved look that everyone seems to be clamoring for these days. 

While long acrylic nails are popular, long length just isn’t for everyone. Perhaps some of your clients have delicate nails or live daily lives that cause long nails to be distracting or easily broken. 

Whatever the reason may be, not loving length does not mean that your customers have to kiss their chance at stunning acrylic nails goodbye. Short acrylics can be just as (if not sometimes more) show-stopping and glamorous as long acrylic nails, you just have to know how to get them right. 

How Long Do Acrylics Last? 

Whether they are long or short, acrylic nails generally have lifespans of around one to eight weeks. The shape and style of the acrylics, your client’s lifestyle, as well as how well you do at applying them can all affect the longevity of the nails. 

Shorter acrylics are more likely to last longer than long ones, as the lesser length helps to make them more durable and solid enough to weather the wear and tear of daily life. Even so, your client will still need to come in for refills to ensure that their lovely looks stay fresh and strong, but the regular visits are also a plus, since not only does it bring you more business, but it also lets you get creative and dynamic with the nails.

Since a high-quality acrylic nail set is something people have to come in for multiple times, those who love acrylic nails will be loyal customers you see on a fairly regular basis. Feel free to get to know your clients better so you can be as prepared as possible to design the best looks and techniques to fit their unique personalities, lives, and specifications. 

Common Short Shapes 

Round Nails 

Short nails are meant to be simple and effortless, and that is exactly what the round nail shape delivers to you and your clients, day in and day out. Round acrylic nails make for a natural look that follows the shape of your natural nail with their straight sides and curved edges along the fingertips. 

The end result is a short, clean, and versatile shape that looks lovely on anyone, anywhere, and anytime. 

Square Nails 

Square nails are actually somewhat similar to round ones in that they have straight sides, but they then become a shape all their own by having flat tops and sharp, straight edges to create a geometric look. 

Square-shaped nails were practically made for short nails as well as for clients with narrow nail beds, as their precise and proportional cut creates a bit of an optical illusion that makes the nail seem wider than it really is. This nail shape automatically injects a little bit of extra personality 

Chic Short Styles 

Your client has settled on a shape, but where can they go from there? Here are some chic short styles you can show them to help them find their perfect short acrylic look:

Art Deco 

Lovers of art, bold style choices, and the entire color wheel will absolutely adore this style of nails. Art deco acrylic nails showcase your client’s personality and your own skill as a nail tech as you combine bold and beautiful colors to create a museum-worthy final product. 

It won’t matter how short your customer’s nails are with these babies, all that people will see are the punchy and playful hues and designs on their awesome acrylics. 

Bedazzled Ombre 

The ombre nail look is already a cool one, with a gradient and smooth style that can be changed to perfectly fit the season, local lifestyle, and wearer’s personality. But if your client wants to add that extra glam pop to ombre acrylic nails, then give them a bold bedazzled ombre look. 

This style takes the classic ombre to a whole new level by being sure to draw the eye with its glittery and shimmery decorations. 


Burgundy acrylic nails are an absolute must for the autumn season. As leaves change color and fall down from the trees, people in the streets will be changing color (getting green with envy, of course) and falling over themselves when they see your nail work. 

Burgundy nails give a rich, warm glow to short acrylics, making them a comforting and effortlessly beautiful sight for the fall months. 


While nude and neutral nail polishes tend to be prone to chipping and breakage, classic nude acrylics are durable and delightful nails that will serve as a simple staple to any outfit or event. While these nails may not cry out for attention, they really don’t have to, considering how effortlessly lovely they look and stay. 

For clients who want a dignified and unobtrusive style to complement short nails, this is always a great and reliable one to go with.

Cotton Candy Ombre

Cotton candy ombre nails are soft, smooth, and an absolute treat that will have your clients feeling like they’re at the best carnival in town for as long as they wear them (they’re that fun, people!). 

Ombre is an especially nice choice for clients who may find themselves struggling to choose between two or three colors, so help them pick the bright, light two that evoke innocent joy and summer fun for a sweet acrylic style.


It isn’t hard to feel happy and fresh when wearing fabulous flowery designs on your fingers. Perhaps a client has been rocking the classic look for a while and wants to step up their short acrylic nail game with something new. The floral style is a perfect choice in that case, as these flowery details look lush and practically living against nude and neutral shades. 

This is definitely the kind of style that has people forgetting about how short or long the nail is because they are simply so captivated by the adorable design. 

French Tips

The French tip manicure is a total classic and one that works wonderfully with short nails thanks to the depth brought to the look with the addition of vibrant and colorful nail tips. 

From bright red to pearly white to, heck, even a different color on every tip, this acrylic style is so chic and interesting, those who get it will practically feel like they’re in Paris!


Who cares how short a nail is when it is covered in shimmery and light-catching glitter?! Glitter acrylic nails can be as subtle or loud as your customer wants, and the shorter nail length actually makes it easier to go all-out with the glitz without it being too much. This acrylic look will make anyone the life of the party and is an easy way to inject some excitement and good vibes into everyday life. 


A great thing about short nails is that they never seem like they are overcompensating for anything. If your client is not as concerned with drawing eyes or catching the light, but would love to show off their fashion-forward and color-conscious style, then a matte acrylic finish is the one for them. This muted look makes for a subtle appearance while still showcasing the nail polish and its rich colors. The matte acrylic is a nice way to add just a little bit of sexy and sophisticated flair to any outfit and occasion. 

In Conclusion

A lot of celebs and influencers like to show off long and delicate acrylic nails, but that does not mean that short and chic looking is not an option. Whatever the reason why clients ask for short acrylics, you can still leave them happy customers and meet all of their nail needs by crafting acrylics to accommodate short nail shapes and styles. 

With a plethora of funky and fresh looks at their disposal, your clients will ultimately find it easy to pull off keeping their acrylic nails short, and you will be the one to make it happen. Congrats on creating short acrylic looks that keep customers feeling confident and coming back for more! 


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