Five Health Benefits of Pedicures

Five Health Benefits of Pedicures

A pedicure service leaves the skin on the feet soft and smooth. The foot massage feels great, and the toenails are left trimmed and looking well-manicured. What you may not realize, however, is that pedicures have many long-term health benefits, such as improved mood. 

Let’s look at several of the health benefits that pedicures provide for your clients.

What Is a Pedicure?

In Babylonian times, noblemen created tools from gold made specifically for pedicures. Pedicures are also known to have been popular in Ancient Egypt, in which pedicures were noted to reflect a person’s social status.

The word pedicure is derived from the Latin word pedis, which means ”of the foot,” and “cure,” which means care.

Your clients consider a pedicure a luxury add-on treatment, and it definitely should be. However, a pedicure is also a very healthy and beneficial procedure for your client’s feet.

A pedicure is considered a cosmetic and therapeutic procedure because the process helps remove calluses, dead skin, and long nails. It helps soften the skin on the feet, lower leg, and knee region through exfoliation.

Pedicures are an excellent add-on service for your client who has a manicure or other nail service performed.

What Are the Health Benefits of Pedicures?

Pedicures have many health benefits that are worth noting. You may want to share these with your clients so that they know the importance of having a pedicure performed regularly. Listed below are a few important reasons why pedicures are so important.

Pedicures Encourage Blood Flow and Lymphatic Drainage

The relaxing massage that you provide your clients during the pedicure service does more than just feel good. It also stimulates blood circulation and lymph drainage. This circulation reduces pain and stiffness in the joints, legs, and feet. It also lessens pain from arthritis.

The tiny blood vessels in the feet and legs allow blood to flow to the organs and other parts of the body. When massaged, these vessels increase oxygen and blood flow, promoting better health and well-being. This circulation can also help reduce the chances of high blood pressure and heart problems.

Lymph nodes are located all around the body, including the legs and knees. A leg and foot massage will encourage the flow and passage of lymph in these areas, thus eliminating toxins in the body. This drainage, in turn, increases energy.

Many clients experience daily back pain, leg pain, and foot pain. Previous injuries, daily activities, or being overweight could be the cause of their pain. You can help eliminate or lessen this pain with a relaxing foot and leg massage.

The massage and increased blood flow also support relaxation and de-stresses the client. The one hour that your client spends in your chair is the only hour they may have in their day to relax. 

Massage also stimulates blood flow, which is essential for collagen and elastin production. The circulation of blood and nutrients help prevent the flaking of the nail plate. 

Pedicure products containing essential oils such as lavender, jasmine, and vanilla help to relax the client. Peppermint, lemon, and cinnamon scents invigorate mood and stimulate energy.

It is important to remember these essential key elements of a pedicure to provide the best quality service to your client.

Pedicures Help Eliminate Calluses and Rough Skin

A callus is thickened skin on the hands and feet, usually the heels and toes. Callus’ form where friction occurs creating hard, dense areas. 

The foot soak that happens during the pedicure process helps soften the feet and prep them for callus removal. Callus’ are stubborn, especially if the client does not receive a pedicure service regularly. 

After the foot soak, apply a callus remover gel to the hardened areas. After the gel works its magic for a few minutes, the callus is carefully removed with a pumice stone, metal foot scraper, or foot file.

The callus remover gel may need to be re-applied and the scraping process repeated if the client’s callus’ are very thick and not easily removed.

Apply thick foot cream to the feet at the end of a pedicure. Foot cream eliminates dryness and reduces the chances of calluses formation,

Pedicures Keep Nails Healthy

Nail fungus is a common ailment that affects many of your clients. Fungus grows as a result of excess moisture on the nail plate. It often takes several weeks for the fungus to become noticeable. 

You, as the professional, can identify fungal infections in their early stages to prevent the fungus from becoming worse. Regular pedicures help keep toenails healthy with this prevention measure. 

Nail health is vital in preventing nail fungus and allowing the toenails to grow healthy. When buffing and filing the nails, blood flow increases, which helps keep nails healthy. Blood flow delivers nutrients to the nails that help keep them healthy.

Clean tools will aid in the prevention of fungus and the spread of bacteria. Always make sure that pedicure files, nail trimmers, stones, and basins are clean and sanitized after each client according to your licensed procedure protocols.

Pedicures Promote Mental Health

Many people have daily stress that prevents them from feeling relaxed and mentally and emotionally healthy. A pedicure is an excellent way to provide your client with a relaxing experience to reduce this stress and recharge their body and mind.

Pedicures also boost self-confidence because they leave the client with clean, polished skin, feet, and toenails. The client is relaxed, confident, and feels pampered, thus promoting good mental health. 

Providing a high-quality pedicure will help you as a professional feel good too. Seeing your clients walk away feeling relaxed and confident will give you a sense of satisfaction and gratitude.

Pedicures Aid in Skincare

Dirt and grime accumulate on your feet daily. These elements are easily sloughed off during a pedicure procedure, leaving your feet soft and smooth.

As your clients soak their feet in the soothing lotion, water, and scented essential oils, their skin becomes healthier and more hydrated. Also, as the skin gets softer, the dry areas on the feet become less noticeable. This new smooth skin will make wearing sandals and other soft, slip-on shoes easier. 

If you massage your clients' feet, you'll be stimulating blood flow in the nails too. The massage helps to remove dead skin cells and encourages new growth and healthier nails. 

Determining Which Pedicure Is Best for Your Client

A simple assessment will help you as the nail tech determine which pedicure is best for your client. Remember that if your client has diabetes, discuss the proper measures to take for the pedicure to be gentle and non-disruptive to the skin’s healing capabilities.

Some clients prefer not to have paraffin wax, exfoliating scrub, or hot stones applied during their pedicure. Particular scents or ingredients may cause allergic reactions. Discuss all of these topics with your client before beginning the procedure.

Scented oils, wax, and hot stone massage add-ons are optional. You can certainly perform a quality pedicure without these extras.

Pedicure Tools

It is essential for you, the professional nail tech, to have the appropriate tools and products available to perform a pedicure. High-quality equipment allows you to provide your clients with the service quality they expect and deserve. Here is a list of essential items you need to have in your spa for a pedicure service.

  • Acetone to remove nail polish and polish mistakes
  • Cuticle pusher for removing cuticles and pushing them back, and cleaning nail plate
  • Nail trimmer to trim toenails shorter if needed
  • Scrub or another exfoliant for removing dead skin
  • Lotion or foot cream for massage and hydrating the skin and feet
  • Basecoat, nail polish, and topcoat

All clients do not desire colored nail polish. Men usually opt-out of colored nail polish. Choose a clear topcoat instead to finish the pedicure and give the toenails a clean, polished look. 

V Beauty Pure offers high-quality manicure and pedicure tools and products. The VUnit E-File will assist you with removing stubborn stains on the nail plate or filing and smoothing toenails. The Valentin Beauty Pure diamond bits are available in medium and coarse grit. These bits easily attach to the rose gold VUnit E-File for flawless performance.

The Perfect Pedi

Performing a pedicure procedure for your clients has many positive effects on the overall health of their feet. Relaxation, improved blood circulation and mood, and soft smooth skin are just a few of these added health benefits.

V Beauty Pure has the essential pedicure and manicure tools to create a beautiful look for your client at each salon visit. 


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