Feel Like Spring Thanks To Beautiful Flower Nail Designs

Feel Like Spring Thanks To Beautiful Flower Nail Designs

Spring and flowers are basically synonymous. No wonder they are featured in so many spring nail designs! Flower painting can be intimidating at first because it requires practice, but once you get the hang of it, they are a simple way to jazz up any nail design. There are so many flower designs out there, so these are just a few that are very popular for the springtime. 

Cherry Blossoms

In 1912, the Japanese gave the United States a cherry blossom tree as a gift of friendship. Every year in March and April the cherry blossoms bloom in Washington D.C. and are a beautiful gift to the spring. For this design you will need any base color, white, dark brown, light pink, and a medium to dark pink. 

After the base is painted, paint thin dark brown lines across the nail to form branches. Then paint the small light pink flowers along the branches. Add a dark pink to the center of the flowers, and then use the white to add small details of the stigmas and anthers of the flowers. 

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.


Sunflowers are a common flower seen in nail art all year round because of their simplicity to paint. With sunflowers, your main focus is creating a center with a dark brown center and small black spots. After the center is established you can paint iconic yellow petals that are typically teardrop shaped. 

You can also add depth to this design by adding a darker yellow to the center of the petals and in towards the center. 

Style of nails these look best on: Coffin.


Tulips are brightly colored flowers with a tall, vase-like appearance. Tulips are usually depicted in a bunch, or growing straight out of the grass. The tulip petals have a rounded bottom that comes up to create three points, resulting in a cup-like tulip shape. These flowers are easy to create with practice and can be painted in almost every color. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square with rounded edges.


Roses are a sign of love and beauty, so they are a common theme in nail designs. Because of this it is very important to master the rose, as a client could ask for one at any time. The basis of the rose design is making a dark color dot at the center, then using a dot tool to paint semi circles around the dot until the rose is completely filled out. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square.


Dandelions are a wispy and whimsical flower that creates a beautiful design on the nail. To create the dandelion paint a tall and slightly curved stem. At the top of the stem, there should be small lines radiating from the center or the top of the stem. At the end of each wisp, there should be additional lines coming off of it. To make the design even more special you can have small pieces of the dandelion “blowing away” across multiple nails. 

Style of nails these look best on: Straight.


Daisys are probably one of the most common flowers in nail design. They are defined by their yellow centers and long white petals that do not overlap. Daisy’s were a popular design in the 1970s, and since then, have become a sign of peace and love. 

A cute twist to throw on a daisy design is to start with the dot in the corner of the nail closest to the cuticle. From there you can make the flower peek out from the side instead of having a complete flower.

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.

Simple 5 Point Flower

A 5 point flower is probably the first flower design you will learn. It is made up of a total of 6 dots made with a dotting tool. Begin with a single dot in the center, then place 5 dots around the center one. These simple flowers are a great addition to any basic nail design. 

Style of nails these look best on: Straight.


Vines and greenery are a simplistic way to incorporate nature into your designs. To get the best results you want to have the leaves all pointing towards the same direction on the vine, however, they can point away from the center diagonally. 

Another tip is to add dimension and variation with different shades of green. The more types of leaves and designs you put on the vine, the more intricate and realistic it will be. 

Style of nails these look best on: Round.


When you think of wildflowers, you probably imagine the types of flowers you may see on the side of the road when driving on the highway. Wildflowers are typically smaller flowers with long stems and are all different. There is no particular definition of what a wildflower is, which is what makes it fun as a nail artist to create. With these, try your best to incorporate a variety of bright colors. 

Style of nails these look best on: Stiletto.

Bedazzled Flowers

Finding any excuse to use crystals is always fun, and flowers are the perfect way to jazz up your spring design. You can use crystals as accents on the flower, especially on the leaves and  center of the flower. 

The crystals on the leaves can represent dew drops and add a ton of dimension to the design. When placed in the center of the flower, it simply makes the flower itself stand out a little more. 

Style of nails these look best on: Any style.

Clear Nail Flower Trend

The clear nail flower trend makes your job easier than ever. Instead of having a base color, you will leave the nail base completely clear and let the flower do all of the talking. These nails usually have multiple small simple flowers like daisies, rosebuds, or simple 5 point flowers. 

Since they are still simple flowers, it is easy to add crystals to these flowers without fear of creating an overpowering nail. Also, you should know that while you can make all nails with this style, it is more common to use these as accent nails. 

Style of nails these look best on: Coffin.

Flower French Tips

Flower french tips take a twist on the classic french tip by using the unusual shape of the flower. To do this simply fill the tip area with small flowers. Unlike the traditional french tip you do not have to worry about making the crisp line. Another option is to curve the tip down one side of the nail to create a framing arch for the nail. 

Style of nails these look best on: Straight.

Glitter Flowers

Glitter flowers are just as the name describes—flowers made of glitter. For these flowers you will need large grain glitter. The design is simple as a 5 point flower. Begin with gluing a single piece of glitter in the center, then 5 other glitter pieces around it. Make multiple of these around the nail to create a fun floral pattern. 

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.

Split Base With Vertical Flower Stripe

For this 1960s-inspired design, begin by choosing 2 compatible colors. Create a flawless vertical line down the center of the nail and paint one color on the left and the other color on the right. Then place a line of 4 or 5 simple flowers down the center of the line. 

When choosing the flower you want to make sure the petals don’t overlap, as this can make the design look sloppy. Some flowers to consider for this are the five point flower, daisy, and glitter flower. 

Style of nails these look best on: Straight.

Flower Cuticles

Similar to the way you can use crystals to outline the cuticle, you can also use flowers to achieve the same look and feel. You can paint a line or group of flowers along the cuticle edge to create definition. To make this design stand out even more, when choosing colors try to choose colors with a ton of contrast, for example, red, yellow, and pink.

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.

In Summary

Spring brings a ton of bright, fun colors, and, of course, flowers. Flowers are a very large category and have many options for the type and design of the flowers. For the designs your main options are individual, clustered, along the edge, or as a pattern like design. 

V Beauty Pure offers many nail products to create your floral designs including a 3D nail art brush, a full acrylic system, tons of nail color options, glitter, and more. V Beauty Pure is always there to help you create beautiful nail art for your clients. 


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