How To Remove Cuticles Painlessly

How To Remove Cuticles Painlessly

Cuticles are unattractive if not adequately cared for. They can make or break the most immaculate of manicures. That is why it’s crucial to instruct your clients on the importance of safety and cuticle health care at home. 

Proper cuticle care may become tedious and somewhat intimidating without the right tools and products. V Beauty Pure provides top-quality tools and nail supplies to care for your client’s cuticles painlessly without damage to the nail plate or nail fold, creating a beautiful manicure every time.

Why Cuticle Care Is Important

Cuticle care is a familiar ground for professionals; however, the client may not be aware of the many reasons why cuticle care is essential. Not only will a manicured cuticle help create a perfectly painted border around the nail, but it also aids in nail health and the prevention of hangnails

Mismanagement of the delicate cuticles can lead to fungus, bacterial growth, and damage to the nail itself. A healthy cuticle is essential in protecting nail regrowth.

There is a lot of misinformation about whether or not it is safe to trim or remove the nail cuticle. As professionals, it is our responsibility to inform our clients properly on cuticle care do’s and don’ts.  

Anatomy of the Nail

While you may already be familiar with the anatomy of the fingernail, we will quickly review its different parts so that you can easily explain it to the client if needed.

Nail cuticles are part of the nail skin, originating atop and protecting the nail matrix. The nail matrix is the place where nail growth begins. It consists of tissue containing blood and lymph, which nourishes the nail root. New cells form here in the matrix and push the old cells out, creating the fingernail. 

The fingernail consists of keratin (hardened protein). Keratin protects the nails from damage by making them strong and resilient.

Damage to the delicate top part of the nail (matrix) can cause injury to the nail bed and plate, thus affecting future nail growth and health. The cuticle serves a significant purpose in protecting the matrix and new nail growth.

The Eponychium vs. the Cuticle

The eponychium is the transparent skin located and attached below the nail fold. It protects the nail root. The cuticle acts as a sealant between the eponychium and the nail to keep the matrix safe. 

The cuticle often makes its way onto the nail plate as dry, thin white tissue. This part of the cuticle can be pushed back or removed, being careful not to remove the eponychium. 

The eponychium and cuticle can vary in size by person depending on genetics and lifestyle. Fingers that are used more throughout the day tend to have a thicker eponychium than the more delicate fingers such as the ring and pinky fingers.

There are a few things to remember when prepping the cuticles for a high-quality manicure. 

Soak the Cuticles

As you know, cuticles are easiest reshaped, trimmed, and cared for when they are soft and pliable. That’s why soaking them is essential before beginning the cuticle care process. Dry cuticles can be difficult to push back and may seem thicker and be more difficult to trim. 

Tending to cuticles when dry could cause damage and pain, creating an unpleasant experience for the client. Soak the nails for a few minutes to soften the cuticles in preparation for the manicure process.

A scented nail soak is also calming, adding a feel of pampering to the nail service. Clients enjoy feeling pampered and cared for in a relaxed inviting environment. 

Apply Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is essential in moisturizing the nail bed, cuticle, and preventing damaged, dry cuticles. Cuticle oil ingredients usually consist of essential oils or scented oils, vitamins, and citric acid. These ingredients work together to provide healing benefits to the cuticles and nails.

Daily environmental elements such as soaps, heat, chlorine, and salt expose cuticles, causing dryness and cracking. Cuticle oil restores moisturization to the nails and prevents this damage from occurring. 

Massaging cuticle oil in a circular motion during application can increase blood circulation and encourage healthy nail growth. Cuticle oil application also promotes a healthy nail plate by preventing infection.

It also nourishes the delicate skin around the nail area, offering a softer, more silky feel.

Push the Cuticles Back

After the nails and cuticles have been soaked and aptly moisturized, gently push back the cuticles around each nail with a cuticle pusher or orange stick to reveal the excess cuticle skin. This excess skin is the skin available to be trimmed. 

V Pure Beauty offers professional cuticle pushers in two varieties. The Highlighted Cuticle Pusher offers a no-slip handle and is scratch-resistant. It removes dead skin easily and consists of two ends, one to remove nail polish and the other to clear away dead cuticles. The curved head makes it ideal for beginner nail artists.

Our Bright Cuticle Pusher also offers a no-slip handle with scratch resistance and is perfect for drawing textural nail art. It also has two ends, one of which is sharp and flat, making it ideal for the more advanced nail artists.

When pushing the cuticle back, make sure to hold the cuticle pusher parallel against the nail and gently push back. By keeping the tool parallel, you are preventing a downward angle push that can damage the nail matrix, thus damaging the nail plate.

Always be aware of the angle you are holding the cuticle pusher tool against the nail plate.

After pushing the cuticles back, flip the cuticle pusher tool to the other end and use the smaller side to gently scrape away any excess tissue in the corners around the nail.

Both V Beauty Pure cuticle pusher styles offer a stainless steel finish, making them easy to sanitize between each client. 

Trim Excess Cuticles

Your clients may not realize that the eponychium (the large fold of skin around the nail) should not be removed entirely. This part of the skin is living; therefore, it will bleed if it is improperly trimmed. This improper removal can cause infection to the skin and nails. 

After pushing the cuticles back, you will notice excess dried skin flaking above the eponychium. This skin is the cuticle that is available for removal. Simply clip this dead skin away with the cuticle nippers using slow motion, never leaving sight of the nipper blades. You ensure a clean, straight edge for nail acrylics, gel, and polish applications by trimming excess cuticles. 

V Beauty Pure stainless steel cuticle nippers can assist you in carefully trimming stubborn cuticles, ingrown fingernails, toenails, and assist you in the treatment of nail fungal infections. 

These nippers are made of quality material that is resistant to rust and corrosion, making them stay sharp for more extended periods. The lustrous mirror-polished finish of this tool is crafted with a beautiful, opulent aesthetic.

Before trimming skin, always follow the guidelines and licensing regulations for your state or country on removing skin and information for responsibly cutting it in a controlled environment. 

Nail Bit Use for a Pristine Cuticle Clean-Up

A clean, shaped, and well-trimmed cuticle edge begins with you as the professional. Your client trusts that you will provide them with a flawless, healthy manicure every time they visit your salon. The tools you use greatly impact your performance efficiency by saving time, thus increasing client flow.

V Beauty Pure provides several cuticle E-file bits ranging in size and shape. Each bit is available in fine to medium grit. These E-file bits will safely and effectively assist you as the professional in the excess cuticle removal process for a pristine finish. 

They will also help clean up and smooth out the nail bed, sidewalls, and under the nail in preparation for acrylic and gel overlays. Always remember to sanitize each bit between clients after every use. 

Pain-Free Cuticle Removal Is Possible

With the proper high-quality tools, cuticle removal and nail prep will be a painless, economical procedure. As the professional, clients trust that you will provide them with the clean, quality nail service they deserve.

V Beauty Pure offers premium nail tools, acrylics, gels, equipment, and accessories for your professional nail service needs. 

V Beauty Pure has everything to meet your professional nail salon expectations, from the basic French manicure to the most elaborately jeweled claws.


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