Most Exciting Spring Acrylic Nail Designs

Most Exciting Spring Acrylic Nail Designs

Spring is a rebirth. There are new flowers blooming, warmer weather, and of course, new nail designs. Every year there are new trends and fashions when it comes to nails, but some things are recurring. When it comes to nail designs, you will almost always see a symbol of nature in the nail design, whether that is flowers, insects, water, or earth. Keep reading to discover the most exciting spring acrylic nail designs. 

Watercolor Nails

Watercolors are known for their understated colors and marbled look. Watercolor can be brought to nail design with a few simple steps. Choose at least three colors for your design. Place all three colors onto your nail brush, then proceed to place it on the nail and swirl the colors together to create a watercolor finish. You may need to reapply the colors onto the nail multiple times to make sure you get all of the spots of the nail.

Style of nails these look best on: Stiletto.

Splatter Nails

Splatter nails are another option for a fun and bright design. Splatter nails are easy because there is no precision needed, so your creativity is able to run wild. 

Begin with your choice in base color, then choose 2 or 3 additional bright colors for the splatter. Before you begin the splatter portion, consider covering around the skin of the nail, so your client does not get as messy. Then, simply flick the nail brush over the nail to create an organic splash pattern. Splash until you are satisfied with the final result. 

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.

Spring Chicks

Spring chicks are an iconic design that can be added to spring nail designs. There are a couple of directions you can take with spring chicks, but one of the cutest is a chick popping out of an egg. 

Begin by painting the entire nail in yellow. Then create a chevron line across the nail ⅓ of the nail down towards the tip. Fill in the tip with white below the white line to create an “egg.” Finally, add big eyes and a little yellow beak to the yellow section. 

Style of nails these look best on: Oval.

Pastel Solids with Crystal Cuticle

As mentioned, spring is the best time for a pastel color scheme. To add a little bit of edge to a solid pastel nail, place crystals along the cuticle. You can really personalize this however you like. You can do colored crystals, alternating nails, or even five different color fingers. 

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.


Chevron is a common shape or line design in spring because it is used to decorate easter eggs. Chevron can be incorporated into nail designs as an accent nail or with a full chevron manicure. Some suggestions are multicolor chevron, alternating chevron at the tip or cuticle of the nail, and doing a split nail with one half of the chevron one color and the other side in another. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square.


In the past few years, Billie Eilish’s nail designs have been very influential. Most of her styles incorporate some sort of green element, which nicely fits into the nature theme of spring. Instead of the neon green that’s so popular right now, try to switch it up with a more grassy or mossy green to add a touch of softness while also standing out. 

Style of nails these look best on: Stiletto.

Rose Gold Nails

Rose gold is another popular trend. Instead of the traditional yellow or champagne gold, rose gold has a pink hue to it and adds some serious sparkle. You can do an all rose gold glitter manicure or simply use the rose gold as an accent nail. You can also use rose gold polish in your designs for flowers and more. 

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.

Bundle of Tulips

Tulip flowers begin blooming as early as March, which makes them the flower of choice for spring nail designs. 

You can create a bundle of tulips design by painting a few different colored tulips with the stems extending towards the tip. Continue by making a “V” in brown paint, with the bottom point coming together at the tip of the nail to form a paper package for the flowers. This together should form a bundle of tulips.

Style of nails these look best on: Stiletto.

Pink and White Ombre Nail

Pink and white are great colors for spring as they keep the nails looking bright and fresh. For this style, choose two shades of pink and white paint. Begin at the base of the nail with white, fade into the lighter shade of pink in the middle of the nail, and finish off with the darker shade of pink towards the tip. The result should be a gradual change from light to dark.

Style of nails these look best on: Square with rounded edges.

Salmon Nails

Salmon nails are not referring to painting a fish on the nail. Instead, it refers to the beautiful pink-orange color that is commonly used on nails in the spring and summer. The color is very flattering on darker skin tones and can even accentuate a person’s spring or summer tan.

If your client is looking for a color suggestion, consider salmon as one of your first choices. 

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.

Neutral Ombre Nails

Neutral everything has been in style recently, and nails are no different. Because neutrals can match with everything, it is no wonder they are so popular. 

To make the neutral trend a little more interesting, you can do a gradient nail color on each of the five nails. For the pinky, use a cream, then tan, caramel, coffee brown, then dark brown. This ombre is subtle but is definitely beautiful. 

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.

Greenery French Tip

Along with the minimalism trend, there’s a lot of interest in greenery and various plants these days. You can use a painting of a strip of greenery to create a french tip. 

Paint each leaf in a medium green across the tip of the nail. Then, go in with a thin brush and a darker nail to add definition and detail. For the nail, you can do a light pink like you would in a traditional french, clear coat, or a flesh tone color appropriate for the client. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square with rounded edges.

Fruit Nails

Fruit nail designs are a cute and easy way to add a touch of spring to your client’s nails. Some of the most common fruits for you to paint are oranges, strawberries, watermelon, lemons, limes, and more. 

When trying to paint these fruits, focus on the overall shape, then go from there by adding details. For example, the oranges begin with a simple orange circle. Then go in with a lighter shade of orange to create the pockets of juice and other small details that might need to be added, such as the leaves. Follow this process for the remaining fruits for any other ones that you may be interested in creating for your client.

Style of nails these look best on: Square.

Galaxy Nail

Galaxy nails are another big trend that has been going around the nail world. These are not only beautiful to look at but, are also fun to create for the nail artist. You are able to utilize colors that you might not usually use, such as deep purples, blues, greens, and other jewel tones. 

For the base, consider using iridescent paint like a holographic purple that can add additional shine. You can also use the same technique as the watercolor nails by placing multiple colors onto the brush and swirling it around the nail. Afterwards, use white or black paint with small specks to create a star-like effect. 

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.

In Summary

All of these are wonderful options for spring nail designs. Ultimately what you decide to create is up to you and your client to decide. Use all of these options as inspiration for your nail art this upcoming spring. 


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