Pedicure for Men: Everything You Need to Know

Pedicure for Men: Everything You Need to Know

It’s officially sandal season. Whether he’s a slide guy or thong-toed sandals are more his jam, the guys will definitely be having their feet out this summer. Whatever your gender, feet certainly take a beating. Plus, there’s no self-care routine that’s too indulgent, even for the manliest of men. 

A pedicure is a super effective way to maintain your foot health, and we’re embracing guys taking the initiative to come in for some much-needed foot attention. Here’s everything you need to know about pedicures, and why they’re great regardless of gender. 

Let Him Soak

Be sure he soaks his feet in the warm water for a while before getting to work on the pedicure. Soaking in the warm, sudsy water will not only make him more relaxed, but it will make your job easier too. 

Guys have thick skin, thick toenails, and thick calluses. Soaking in the water will help soften all of these things and make it easier to clip the nails, clean up the cuticles, and remove his dead skin. Additionally, soaking in warm water will help boost his massage because warm water helps to loosen up the muscles. 

Be Thorough

There’s a chance your male client doesn’t get his feet looked at often. If he’s coming to you for some pampering, check his feet out for any issues as well. Keep an eye out for odd toenail color, bumps, and blisters. 

Men who work manual labor jobs are in work boots all day long. Staying in work boots for hours on end makes your feet vulnerable to foot and toenail fungus since it is the perfect sweaty and damp environment where fungi can thrive. 

Shape His Toenails Carefully

Take care not to cut too deep into the corners of his toenails because that can cause an ingrown toenail. To avoid this, simply clip his toenails straight across. Since many guys tend to neglect their toenails and often wear boots and sneakers, his toenails may be thicker than what you’re used to. Make sure you have a high-quality toenail clipper on hand. 

Remove His Calluses

Calluses are simply dead skin on top of dead skin. If he doesn’t get pedicures regularly, it’s likely he will have layers of them. You can use an electric callus remover since that will be much easier than filing them down by hand. You can recommend he gets his own pumice stone to exfoliate his feet on his own and gently remove his calluses before they build up beyond his control. 

Make Him Comfortable

It can be quite daunting having someone get so close to your feet. Chances are you’ll be able to tell if he’s done this before, or if it’s his first time. If you’re not sure, don’t be afraid to ask him if he’s had a pedicure before!

When you have a pedicure pro coming in monthly, they pretty much know what to expect. If your male client seems nervous, walk him through each step of the pedicure process. For example, when you pull out the cuticle nippers, you can say, “These are going to clip off the extra dead skin on your cuticles. It doesn’t hurt.” 

If your pedicure chair has a back massager built-in, show him how to use it. Let him know he can choose a color for his toenails if he wants, or just go for a clear coat that will go unnoticed besides having a shine to it. 

Bring Your Massage A-Game

For most people, the best part of getting a pedicure is the stellar foot massage that comes with it. For men, you’ll have to press a little harder and really put some elbow grease into it.

Foot and leg massages are great because they boost circulation. They stimulate the joints and rejuvenate blood flow in the feet and legs. 

Use Scented Lotions

If you have options for different scented lotions, let him choose. Since you should definitely be using lotion during a massage, make sure you have scented lotions that men would like, too. These are some great neutral scents to try:  

  • Sandalwood: Earthy, rich, and natural, sandalwood is a good scent for both men and women. It is uplifting and soothing and can actually be quite calming. Its main notes are musk and cedarwood, 
  • Vanilla: Vanilla is on the list of the top fragrances men love. Whether that’s because it reminds them of dessert or someone special, we’ll never know. 
  • Citrus: Anything citrus works great as a neutral scent. It is uplifting, energizing, and can help improve mood. It positively affects your mood by zapping away stress and supporting emotional wellness. 
  • Herbal: Anything herbal like lavender, tea tree, eucalyptus, or spearmint is usually popular, regardless of gender. 

Remember Why He’s There

While most women come in to get the toenails cleaned up and polished with a pretty color, men might come in for different reasons. 

  • To Improve His Foot Health: Maybe he hasn’t been feeling too confident, and his feet are a big factor in that. Maybe he’s insecure about his rough, coarse feet and long toenails. 

  • To Relieve Stress: He’s taking an hour out of his day to relax and get a little pampered. Maybe he’s stressed out with work or relationship problems and just wants some alone time to put his mind at ease. 

  • To Fix Stinky Feet: The build-up of dead skin, dirt, and bacteria can cause the feet to smell. Maybe he needs some proper exfoliation and callus removal to get rid of the stench. 

  • To Fix Ingrown Nails: Guys often don’t pay much mind to their toenails and just pull out the nail clippers every so often instead. Cutting his nails too short coupled with wearing shoes all day long can cause some pretty painful ingrown toenails. 

  • To Look Good: Maybe he just wants a simple clean-up to show he cares for his body so he can feel good in his own skin.  

In Conclusion

There’s no need to be intimidated by a man sitting in your pedicure chair. Chances are he’s more nervous than you, and it’s your job to alleviate that worry and stress. After all, a pedicure should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Take our advice and follow these tips for everything you need to know when giving a man a pedicure. And, if you’re using V Beauty Pure products, he’ll definitely be coming back regularly! 


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