Nail Salon Furniture: Why Premium Furniture Makes A Difference

Nail Salon Furniture: Why Premium Furniture Makes A Difference

If you’re a nail salon owner or even just a nail tech that has their own small space, then you probably know how important the look and feel of your place is to your customers. Nail services aren’t cheap, so people want to feel like they are in a clean and upscale environment that makes it worth the cost of getting nail services done. 

And while the overall feel and ambiance are the most important thing, there’s one thing in particular that makes a huge difference: the furniture. It might sound crazy, but it’s one thing that a lot of people totally overlook. You might not realize just how important the furniture in your nail salon can be to the most important people involved in the business (your clients and customers!). 

Why Premium Furniture Matter For Your Salon

There are three main reasons why it’s important to have premium furniture in your nail salon.

  1. It fills the entire space: You don’t want to have any empty salon. Since your furniture is what’s going to, literally, take up space in your salon, it’s easy to see why investing in premium furniture is a better option than non-premium.
  2. It’s what people notice as soon as they walk in the door: Whether people are aware of it or not, they scan a space with their eyes as soon as they enter it. From there, they will make judgments in their head of whether or not the salon, including the furniture, meets their standards.  
  3. It can make or break the feel/vibe of your salon: If you are going for an upscale and hip nail salon, you need to make sure your furniture adds to that feel and doesn’t detract from it. Pick a theme, and make sure your furniture adheres to that theme.   

All three of these reasons are extremely important to the overall success of your business! We know that your customer service and quality of the services provided is the most important thing (most people would choose great service and a bad atmosphere over crappy service and a good atmosphere). But why not make your nail salon stand out and provide both of these things? You always want your clients to have the best of both worlds, and providing outstanding service along with beautiful furniture and an incredible atmosphere ensures your salon will be the best of the best. Plus, we will let you in on a little secret: people will spend more money if they are in an environment that feels “worth it.” 

Why Make Your Salon Look “Worth It”

Simply put, the more expensive and high-quality the salon looks and feels, the more likely people are to spend money on expensive services. Now, don’t get us wrong, you don’t have to spend a million dollars to make your salon look great. You don’t need to have crystal chandeliers and offer expensive drinks to your clients. But at the minimum, you should invest in premium furniture to fill the space. Just doing that will give your clients a comfortable and high-end experience. 

All of the high-end, premium furniture you need can be found at V Beauty Pure. Let’s go over some ideas on how to style your space with premium furniture and why it’s a necessity. 

What Furniture Do I Need For a Nail Salon?

The truth is, it completely depends on your layout, setup, and the size of your space. If you have a large space, then you will need a lot more furniture to fill it, while a smaller space doesn’t need as much. So the first thing you need to determine is the layout and size of your space. 

For the layout, you need to figure out where things are going to go throughout the space. Where will your front desk go? Where will the pedicure chairs and manicure tables go, and whatever else you need to find a space for? The layout is the most important thing to figure out before you can even look at furniture. 

There are three basic areas you will need to find furniture for, including the front reception area, the manicure area, and the pedicure area. 

The Front Reception Area

Typically, the front desk area will have a desk and a possible separate reception space, depending on the size. In the reception space, you can have couches, chairs, coffee tables or side tables, and perhaps a magazine rack or area for complimentary snacks and drinks. This is arguably the most important area of the salon because it’s the first space clients will see when they walk in. Plus, if there’s a wait for any reason, they will want a nice, comfortable spot to sit. 

The Manicure Area

In the manicure area, you will need a few pieces of furniture. Again, it depends on your style and layout for what you will actually need. But typically, you’ll need individual stations or long tables for the manicures. Then you will need seating for the stations or tables. Depending on the height of your tables, you will need lower chairs or stools for the nail techs and comfier bigger chairs for the clients.  

The Pedicure Area

Finally, you have to figure out the pedicure area. You will need two main pieces of furniture here. The first thing is the pedicure chairs, which will probably be your largest expense. You want to choose chairs that are big and extra comfortable, with features such as recliners and built-in massage tools. Your pedicure chairs should help provide a luxury experience. Then, you will also need the seating for the nail techs. Typically, short rolling stools work best so that they can easily move around as needed. 

The Polish Location

Also, one more thing to consider is where you will keep your polishes for people to choose from. If you have shelving, you don’t have to worry about more furniture, but some people keep their polishes on racks or towers. If you opt for the latter option, you will have to choose furniture pieces for the polish. 

What Are Some Ways I Can Save Money On Premium Furniture?

The best way to save money on premium furniture is by shopping sales or warehouse closings that offer huge discounts. You’d be surprised at the kinds of deals you can find if you do your research. Keep an eye on your favorite brands to see if they do holiday sales, or maybe if you are a first-time client, they offer a discount. Also, don’t be afraid to just reach out to a sales rep and ask if they have any sales coming up, letting them know you are interested in buying some of their furniture. 

You can also negotiate discounts and deals if you are buying a piece of furniture in bulk (i.e., ten pedicure chairs). Not all places will do this, but many people have some luck when dealing with wholesale places. They are more likely to work with you on the price if you are buying a larger quantity of furniture from them. Just remember, whenever you are buying furniture, it never hurts to ask if they have any sales or promotions going on. Maybe if you buy a certain amount of furniture, they will throw in an extra piece for free. You just never know, and the worst thing that can happen is that they say no. 

Lastly, one way you can save money is by getting creative with the furniture you choose. For example, a new trend we are seeing in nail salons is waterless pedicures. This means you would buy comfortable and nice chairs, but they won’t be pedicure chairs. The services are still the same, but the nail techs use more towels to remove scrubs instead of a tub. Not only is this a much cheaper option for you as a salon owner, but it’s also a much more sustainable and environmentally-friendly option. 


Hopefully, you now understand the importance of buying premium furniture for your nail salon. It can really help to make or break the whole feel of your space. There are ways to get nice furniture and also save money. You don’t want to buy things that are outside of your price range and break the bank. Once you’ve got your furniture picked out, don’t forget you will also need a high-quality product to use in your salon. 

V Beauty Pure has the best and highest-quality supplies for your nail salon. We have acrylic powder, gel polish, and all the tools you need to perform superior nail services for your customers. Remember, you want your clients to feel like they want to spend money at your nail salon. Nail services can be expensive for many people, so you want to provide top-notch services with great products. Having premium furniture in your nail salon is just the cherry on top! 


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