7 Cute Summer Acrylic Nails Ideas

7 Cute Summer Acrylic Nails Ideas

Summer may be coming to an end soon, but that doesn’t mean that hot nail looks have to, as well. You can help your clients look sharp and chic in the coming weeks with fresh and adorable acrylic designs. With these looks and the power of acrylic nails, powders, and finishes, you will be serving up nifty nails to everyone who comes your way. 

You can rely on us to share these seven cute summer acrylic nail ideas that your clients will love and find fitting for any event, occasion, or sense of style as they squeeze out what’s left of their beach days and beloved vacations. 

What Are Acrylic Nails? 

Acrylic nails are a combination of powder polymer and liquid monomer substances that combine to form a molecular paste that is then brushed and fused onto your client’s natural nail. All you have to do then is let them air dry, no extra heat required. 

These nails give your clients the length and shape they have always wanted, while also creating an excellent canvas on which you can create some delightful designs. While these nails do require upkeep and care, they will look so good that your clients will go out of their way to make sure they prolong your wonderful work for as long as they can.

Acrylic nails should last between six to eight weeks, so this means that your clients are completely covered when it comes to finishing out the summer strong with some amazing and original designs. 

You or your client may not know where to start with the awesome options seeming so limitless (and with summertime running out), but we’ve got you covered with our guide to and suggestions for some of the hottest shapes and styles to choose from now. 

Start by Selecting Shape 

Before you dive into summer nail looks, make sure to help your client know all of the different nail shapes they can choose from as they begin their acrylic adventure. 


Almond nails are filed down the sides with a nail wall that is narrowed down to finish in a rounded, almond-like shape. If you have a client with their heart set on almond-shaped nails, acrylics are an excellent choice, as this tends to be a shape that is too difficult for natural nails to hold on their own, since they typically are not strong enough.


The coffin acrylic is not nearly as terrifying as it may sound. These acrylic nails have become increasingly popular in recent years, and their added length can make your client’s fingers appear longer and more slender than they did before. 

The coffin-shaped nail tapers both sides to the tip, ending it in a flat top that makes the nails seem wider than they really are (which ends up making it look like its namesake or, perhaps more appealingly, like a ballerina slipper). 

This delicate acrylic is slightly more prone to breakage than the others, so make sure that clients are aware they should be careful with them in order to prolong the lifespan of this luxe look. 

Mountain Peak

These acrylics serve both the altitude and attitude your clients will love to help them bring the summer heat and spirit everywhere they go. Mountain peak nails have a wide base and are tapered to end in a somewhat curved tip, not unlike their namesake. 

There are plenty of ways to create dynamic and multi-dimensional art with this nail shape, and so it is no wonder why celebs like Lady Gaga and Rihanna have given them a go. 


If your client prefers their nails on the shorter side, then round acrylics are the way to go. This is a grounded and natural look with straight sides that curve at the upper edges to ultimately follow the shape of your client’s fingers and fingertips, resulting in a clean and safe shape that looks great on anyone and everyone. 


Clients with short nails and narrow nail beds will similarly rejoice at the prospect of square nails. These acrylics are similar to round ones with their straight sides, but then branch off to have an extra injection of shape and style due to the flattened nail tops with straight edges and sharp corners. The square acrylic gives off the illusion of wider nails. 

7 Cute Summer Style Ideas 

Now you and your client are ready to finally go big with some creative and cute summer styles. There are plenty to choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to the best, so make sure to look through them all before you and your client settle on one. 

1. Ombre 

The ombre nail is an extremely versatile look that can be ideal for anyone from the indecisive to the ultra-trendy. This acrylic nail can reflect the spirit of summer in its dynamic and fun look that blends two or more colors together for a smooth, gradient finish. 

Clients can get creative with their favorite summer shades by finding new ways to put them together in a process that is surprisingly simple for you to carry out. The ombre acrylic is definitely one that any fashion-forward nail tech or salon will want to have in their beauty arsenal. 

2. Neon 

Nothing says summer like a bright and bold look that practically evokes the sun. Indeed, both you and your client will be all smiles when giving the neon acrylic nail trend a try. A key tip to remember with this type of style is to make sure you are settling on a color that is the right match for your client’s specific skin tone. 

For example, flashier and more vivid hues of light greens, yellows, and blues pop extra well for clients with darker skin tones, while those with lighter tones may want to go with slightly darker neons in pink and purple. 

3. Graphic Art 

The graphic art acrylic is a supremely fun one for both you and your clients, as they get to showcase their creativity and individuality, and you get to showcase your artistic talents. Almond, round, and square acrylics are all shapes that work well with this nail look.

These can be a great choice for regular clients who like trying new things or adding to the acrylic bases they already have. Graphic art nails are easy to update and can be a blast to spice up both your and your client’s summers. 

4. Pastels 

While these may evoke a slightly springy vibe, there is nothing like the gentle and dynamic pastel acrylics to give a delightful and peaceful pop to your client’s nail look. With calming shades of blue, pink, and yellow to choose from, the pastel acrylic is an opportunity for some colorful creativity without going too wild or loud this summer. 

This style can suit all nail shapes and people, so it will definitely be a nice one for your clients to try this season.

5. French Tip 

The French tip nail look is an absolute classic that has been popular for decades now, so no need to walk away from something that is proven to work for and satisfy customers again and again. This chic and charming acrylic can get an added summery flair by adding pops of color at the tips for a fun and playful look that is the perfect summer send-off. 

6. Glitter

If summer is coming to an end, why not enjoy and spread those hot and bright vibes to the fullest? Go all-in on spreading summer fun and help your client make a statement with some glam glitter acrylic nails! 

You can find different ways to glitz up a client’s acrylic nail; it’s as easy as slapping a glittery top coat over a neutral polish, to boldly blending sparkling shades or multi-hued glitter polishes for a snazzy summer style. 

7. Floral 

This feminine look will prolong the fresh and bright vibes of summer even as the season draws to a close. Flowery nails are fun for your client and you, as they can give you a chance to really strut your stuff as a nail artist. 

After applying a neutral base coat to the nails, you can take your time designing and creating custom floral prints and sketches for each individual acrylic. That base coat will not only prime the nails for painting, but will also help to make your creations pop, so make sure to remember to use this product if you have it on hand. 

In Conclusion

Acrylic nails are a wonderful choice for clients and nail techs who want to show off their creativity and are an absolute blast to both create and show off. 

We at V Beauty Pure want to help keep the positive warm weather vibes going strong for weeks to come, so try out any (or all!) of these seven cute summer acrylic nail ideas for your best and brightest season yet. 


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