Unforgettable Sparkle Nail Designs For This Spring

Unforgettable Sparkle Nail Designs For This Spring

For most of us, it’s been a long, dreary pandemic winter. We’ve been trapped inside, unable to socialize with friends or visit with family. As such, we’ve all been spending a bit more time watching Netflix in our pajamas than usual. 

Well, the days are growing longer, the weather is getting warmer, and the flowers are beginning to bloom—spring is here, and with it comes all the newest spring fashion trends. Even though many of us have spent the past three months in sweatpants, there’s just something about the springtime that compels us to indulge in a shopping spree for a revamped wardrobe. 

If you’re feeling the urge to shop all the latest spring styles, we say go for it. You made it through the winter—treat yourself!

Plus, there’s no doubt that this season will be packed with parties, soirees, and social events as the pandemic comes to a close (hopefully). You’re definitely going to need to put some great looks together.

That being said, style is about so much more than outfits alone. The extra details matter, too. There’s nothing like a sparkling mani/pedi to really pull an entire look together. Who can resist getting their nails done to mark the start of spring? 

As the pandemic slows down and spring starts to bloom, nail salons everywhere should be prepared for a wave of new business. Whether you’re a nail technician or a visiting client, you’ll want to be up-to-date on all the latest nail crazes.

So, for anyone who wants to stay on-trend this spring, we’ve put together a list of all the best sparkle nail designs for this season. Continue reading to find your new favorite look.


The first trend on this list is one of our favorites: holographic nails. This iridescent trend has been popular for a while now, and we hope it never goes out of style. 

This spring, you can expect to see plenty of muted, subtly sparkly holographic manicures.

If you want to achieve perfectly springy holographic nails, all you need is a nude polish, a clear top-coat polish, and some holographic glitter powder. 

First, paint your nails, or the client’s nails, with a coat of nude polish. Then, when it’s almost dry (but still somewhat tacky), apply the glitter powder by rubbing it on each nail with your finger. Start at the top of each nail and move towards the bottom, tapering off around the middle. This will create a gorgeous ombre effect.

This design is simple and neutral, yet stylish and trendy.

A Single Pop of Glitter 

To add some sparkle to your typical manicure this spring, try painting a single nail on each hand with a striking, shimmering polish. This is the perfect move for anyone who wants to test out the glitter trend but still keep it low-key.

The best part about this design is how simple it is to pull off. First, select your favorite spring shade, and paint each nail. Then, apply glitter powder to one finger on each hand (the ring finger is always a good choice for this).

Alternatively, you could also paint each ring finger with a shade of glitter polish that matches the base color you chose.

Bedazzled Floral Nails 

Nothing screams springtime more than blossoming flowers, and seeing your local foliage start to bloom again is a sure-fire indicator that spring is on its way. If you want to capture the essence of this magical part of the season, consider a glittery floral manicure.

To create the perfect flowery nail design, you’re going to need some flower-shaped rhinestones and a bottle of clear nail polish. The first step, of course, is to paint your nails with a clear coat and let it dry completely. Next, use a toothpick to apply a small amount of glue to each rhinestone. Position the flowers however you like. 

This manicure is ideal for spring. It’s floral, glittery, and trendy. You could wear this design with any one of your favorite springtime outfits. It’s perfect! 

Marbled Polish and Gold Flakes

The marbled look is a nail trend that we’ve been seeing everywhere recently. This design is the embodiment of subtle sophistication. 

In case you’ve never come across this style, marbled nails have the same swirling appearance as a marble countertop. There are endless variations of this trend that incorporate creative color and texture combinations. 

For the springtime, consider a marbled manicure with a unique, sparkling touch: gold flakes. 

The first step in creating this look is painting your nails in the marbled design. To do so, you’ll need to apply a base coat first. Allow it to dry completely. Then, fill a cup at room temperature. Add a few dots of two or three different colors of nail polish to the cup, and swirl all the colors together. 

Next, dip your finger into the water, and allow the polish that’s floating on the surface to dry (this only takes a few seconds). Lift up your finger. The dried polish should have created a swirling pattern on the nail! 

Now, it’s time to add some sparkle. When your nails are still slightly tacky, begin attaching the gold flakes. The marbled design is an eye-catching pattern on its own, so you don’t need an excess of gold flakes. Just place a few on each nail, wherever you like. 

Repeat this process for every nail. After the manicure has dried, apply a topcoat.

Metallic Glitter Over Bright Shades

Like floral patterns, bright colors are a spring staple. Winter is over, and we’re all feeling cheerful and optimistic. It’s no surprise that people want to express that feeling through bold shades.

Right now, we’re loving the brushstroke trend. Combine bright spring colors with this artsy design for a fun, seasonally-fitting manicure. To perfect this design, you’ll need a few materials: a neutral polish shade matching your skin tone, the bright shade of your choice, and metallic polish or glitter. 

Firstly, apply a base coat to clean nails using the neutral shade, and let it dry all the way. Once it’s dry, take the bright shade (like pink, blue, or yellow) and paint a single brushstroke on each nail. These can go in any direction or location on the nail that you like. When the paint is dry, repeat this process using metallic polish. Or, if you prefer, you could add gold flakes instead.

When the nails are totally dry, add a clear coat for the picture-perfect finish.

This look seamlessly combines bright colors and shimmering metallic shades—two of our favorite spring essentials.

Sparkling Outlines 

This next design is simple yet striking. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to experiment with creative nail art while keeping their look neutral and low-key. 

This sophisticated design consists of a thin outline of glitter around the border of each nail. To try out this manicure, you’ll only need a few supplies: a clear polish (or the shade of your choice), silver glitter polish, and a toothpick or nail art brush

As always, you’ll first want to apply the clear coat and let it dry. Of course, if you prefer, you could use a colorful shade instead. Once the base coat is dry, the next step is to add the glitter outline around the edge of each nail. To do so, dip a toothpick in your glitter polish, and slowly trace the outline of each nail. If you have a nail art brush, it might come in handy here.

This simple process should give you an even circle around the border of each nail—not too thick but not too thin. This design is subtle, stylish, and perfect for pairing with trendy spring outfits.

Pink Glitter

Pink is going to be one of the trendiest colors this spring. You can expect to see plenty of bright, bold shades of pink this season, both in fashion and in nail designs. Now is the time for pink lovers to shine. 

For anyone who wants to show their love for the color pink, we suggest a simple pink glitter manicure, using acrylics, gel, or even just regular polish. 

There isn’t much to this design: all you need is the perfect pink glitter polish. Alternatively, for gel or acrylic nails, you could apply loose pink glitter over a base coat. 

If someone is looking for an easy, classic look, a shimmering pink shade is always a good move.

Concluding Thoughts

Spring is almost here, and we are so excited. We just can’t wait to see all of the innovative nail designs and fashion statements of the season.

Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration for the upcoming months. These unforgettable nail designs will certainly make a lasting impression. 


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