11 Best Halloween Nail Art Ideas

11 Best Halloween Nail Art Ideas

For this Halloween season, don’t forget to dress up your nails as you would with your favorite costume. With Halloween nail art ideas, you can create a spooky look that can last all Halloween season and even beyond. However, maybe this is your first time trying out Halloween nail art, or maybe you want to really step it up from last year.

We’ve got you covered with our list below detailing how you can create your own unique and scary cool nails for Halloween. Check out these easy and totally scary Halloween nail art designs that anyone can do, no matter what your nail art experience is. 

Ghoulish Ghosts

Looking to scare some fun into your Halloween nail art design? Definitely consider spooking your nails up with this ghastly design.

Simply coat your nails with a muted pink color base coat and use white polish to coat the classic image of the ghost freestyle with a nail brush. Finally, add the eyes with a careful dab of black polish and let dry.

Scare ‘Em Snake Skin

Looking for something a little more textual for your Halloween nails? Try donning the alluring and terrifying snakeskin nail design. To create this look, select a base color coat such as dark brown or black.

You can then either use textured nail art stickers to complete the look or take it a step further and create the signature textured look through layered gel polish stenciled in the classic snakeskin design on the nail.

To be even more creative  make sure you create the design on a stiletto-shaped acrylic. 

Blood Dread

As everyone knows, blood is definitely a fun look to play with for Halloween designs. To create the look of blood drips on your nails, coat your nails with either a base coat color of white or pale pink, which will ensure that the blood design really pops.

Cure the base coat, then select a deep shade of red gel polish. Stencil the design of dripping blood on your nails, either at the base dripping up or at the top of the nail dripping down, and go over with the gel polish. Repeat application and cure the gel polish a couple of times to get the textured blood look.

Once done, everyone will be screaming with delight at the final look. 

Candy Corn Ombre

If you want to go pay homage to the classic Halloween candy, definitely check out the simple and adorable candy corn ombre design. This easy design requires only a few basics to achieve the finished look, so anyone, regardless of your nail design experience, can execute this. Simply coat your nails with a white base polish. 

Cure the base coat and then carefully begin to create the ombre effect by sponging a warm orange polish at the top of the nail. Once the desired look is achieved cure the first colored after that has dried, carefully sponge a bright yellow block stripe across the nail right under the orange tip. Add top coat.

Let cure and try to resist the urge of trying to eat this delicious nostalgic design. 

Spooky Skeletons

For this nail design, it will require a steady hand and a stencil. First, create a base coat by coating your nails with a black polish. Try topping the black with matte matte top coat to make the skeleton design come alive on the black polish.

After the matte polish is cured, create the design of the skeleton either as a stencil or freehand with a pencil or something that will show the design enough for you to go back over with a nail brush. Play around and mix up the design. You can either create the skeleton skull, bones, or body. Have fun, and alternate your design for a really cool look.

Once you are happy with your design, go over the design carefully with white polish and a nail brush to really make the skeleton design stand out. Cure for 60 seconds  and enjoy this creepy-cool look for the Halloween season.

Cobweb Wonder

If you’re a fan of all things spiders and cobwebs, this design is definitely perfect for you. First, apply black gel polish, cure for 60 seconds.  Repeat or go straight into a matte top coat and cure. This will allow the cobweb design to really stand out once you apply it.

After the nail has been cured , take out your nail brush and white polish and create a web design with thin lines in an orb or more abstract layout. Play around with the placement of the cobweb designs and alternate the designs on each nail that will make anyone jump with excitement when they see them. 

Make sure to cure the end result for a long lasting look. 

Graveyard Glitter

Glitter nails are always a great base coat to make any stenciled nail art really stand out. For this unique Halloween look, coat your nails with a vibrant glitter polish. We recommend using muted shades of pink, blue, and yellow for the best effect.

After you have selected your shade of glitter and a coat has been applied to all of your nails and cured, you will then take a black gel polish to freehand stencil a scary scene from a graveyard.

Mix it up by creating tombstones, crosses, bats, haunted houses, and old trees for a really creepy look. Once cured, everyone will be dying to know how to get the same look. 

Ghastly Gradient

If something more subtle is what you are after, definitely check out the gradient look with classic Halloween or scary color combinations. For a really stand out look, definitely look to choose a matte top coat  polish for the entire look.

Select two colors before you begin. We recommend using matte shades such as deep burgundy red and black or deep forest green and black to get the desired look. Whatever matte color you choose, try always pair it with a black matte gel top coat. 

First, apply a clear base coat on your naked nails and cure for 60 seconds. After the base coat has dried, apply a coat of the non-black color polish on all nails and cure.

While the top color coat is curing, grab a sponge and apply a thick stripe layer of color polish towards the top of the sponge and then your black polish directly underneath it, which should give you a patterned look.

After the topcoat has cured, apply the sponge to the nail with the color stripe on the base of the nail. Press down and release carefully. This should then create a gradient look for the nail. Repeat this process on all nails several times until all nails have been coated by the sponge. Once you achieve the desired look, cure for 60 seconds. 

Finally, to really make the color finish pop, apply a top coat of clear, glossy finish. Once dry, you’ll send those into shock with this unique look. 

Smoke and Mirrors

This Halloween nail design trick will have everyone wanting to know how you pull it off. First, you will need to coat your nails with a clear polish and cure. Once cured, you will need to select a matte color polish. We recommend either using a bright color that will make the smoke effect stand out or a classic black .

After your clear coat has been cured , apply the color matte coat to all nails and cure. Once the top color is cured , you have a few options to create the smokey look:

  • Acrylic - Take some either black or white acrylic powder and dilute it with some monomer to use as your smokey color on the nail.
  • Color gel  polish - Polish the nail with the black gel polish and cure.  Add drops of the white and spread out throughout the nail leaving some parts with more white polish than others until you achieve a smoke effect. Once the desired result is reached, cure the polish for 60 second.
  • Finish off with a shiny top coat or a matte top coat and cure for 60 seconds. 

Now you can enjoy the magic behind this festive design. 

Scare the Competition with Your Halloween Nail Art Game 

Take your Halloween nail art game to the next level this year with our fun and spooky ideas. Who knows? You may even come up with your own version of some of these ideas that will really knock your nail design out of the park and be the total envy of others.

Have fun, and Happy Halloween!