19 Trendy Fall Nail Ideas

19 Trendy Fall Nail Ideas

Pumpkin spice is in the air, and we can all smell its comforting aroma! A transition in season is right around the corner, and with that comes all the newest fall nail trends and nail ideas. As you are swapping your sandals in for boots and your tank tops for sweaters, your clients’ nail game will definitely be the next on the list looking for a fall upgrade. 

Being able to curate stylish, fresh, and on-trend nail ideas is not always easy, and we understand that finding and keeping up with all the latest trends is hard work! That is why we at Beauty Pure are offering our insights into what we know are the best fall nail ideas that will leave your client feeling trendy and ready for the cooler temps and changes in color. 

Clients will often look to their nail technicians for guidance on what is new and hot. If you want to be there for your clients, offering your best insight on the newest trends, read on!

Keep It Matter

Matte is always in style; try to convince us otherwise. Matte nails are a great option to offer to a client that is looking to elevate their average nail look into something more chic and current. A simple white marble matte nail can be designed using V Beauty Pure Non-Wipe Matte Top Coat. Matte burgundy, navy, and gold are also perfect for fall nails.

Warm Florals

If your client is looking for something a bit funkier and fun while still maintaining that cute but classy look, then a sunflower pattern is just what to suggest. Be sure to keep the colors and tones within the pattern warm-toned and in season. 

Gold glitter and burgundy are the perfect fall colors for this trendy fall nail style. Chocolate browns and oranges will also accentuate the design. Bonus: encapsulate delicate flowers for an upgraded nail look.

Bright Greens

Without a doubt, olive green will be the color to stock up this season. Various shades of green are predicted to be amongst the 40 most popular color trends this fall. This trend is definitely for a more daring client who isn’t afraid to try something new and fresh! Pair an olive green polish with gold leaf accents for a beautiful and classy fall style.

Two-Tone or Dual shades

Your client can’t decide between two colors? Suggest a two-tone or dual shade style, being sure to offer the perfect fall colors, such as warm oranges and reds. Add an accent nail with gold glitter or gold accents for a pop of glam. 

Stick to the Basics

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with any of the typical fall colors. We suggest the newest, most desired shades of this upcoming season, such as royal dark greens, soft reds, creamy blues, or milky browns. Mix it up with pastel pinks and a coordinating darker shade with swirls.

Bright Splatters

While neon may be your last thought when you envision apple pie or Thanksgiving dinner, pairing a loud neon with a clear or nude background is going to be a staple this fall. Try using a neon color in polka dots, stripes, or other artsy designs. 

Tortoise Design

A tortoise nail design might not be a foreign concept to you, but offer this unique design to your clients, and they will surely be impressed with the originality and style of the finished product. Sleek and not overdone, you and your clients will be taking animal prints to the next level! With shades of brown and black, this mulit-faceted fall nail idea will class up any cozy autumn outfit. 

Casual Croc

The crocodile style can be designed in any fall color and looks great on short and long nail shapes. Rock the croc in either matte or glossy finishes, because both pass the trend test. Try matte red croc, glossy green, or baby blue, just to name a few.

Skittle Nails

Taste the rainbow! Skittle nails are here, and we couldn’t be happier! With nail trends moving further and further away from the traditional nude shades this fall, of course, multi-colored nails would make this list. 

Explain to your client how their nails can be used as an accessory. It’s easy to match to an outfit when you have every color combination to choose from! Try using a pop of orange or purple for inspiration.

Inky Swirls

Create ethereal swirls of three different inky colors to fall into this autumn nail trend. Try marbelizing mustard yellow, navy, and steel gray for an extraordinary floating ink style. It’s so classy, yet edgy that all of your clients will love it.

All the French Manicures

2020 nail techs took french tips to a level of their own, transforming this classic manicure into one of the freshest and biggest trends of the year. With so many variations of different designs and options within the style, the possibilities are endless. French tips work best with medium to long almond nails and coffin shapes. We’re here to tell you which French tips are dos and which are duds. 

  • Neon, but French: Yes, more neon! A thin french tip in your client’s favorite beaming neon is a must-try!
  • Reverse Tip: Ditch the ends and give the cuticles some attention. A reverse french tip is simple and chic, while still offering a unique and exciting pop. Glitter or sparkles are always a great way to spice up this already amazing look. 
  • Ombre: Use a thin brush to work the darker color from one end to the middle of the nail, then repeat on the other side with the lighter color. Another option, ombre in glitter for a little sparkle. This will give you a beautiful ombre effect. 

Mix n’ Match

Offer mixed and matched nails to your clients. Mixed match designs are huge right now. Polka dots and plaid? Even try an intricate design with a few solid colors thrown in there. Use a dotting tool to create your fall nail art. It’s all about having fun with it!

Everybody Loves Glitter

With your clients’ more simple or basic looks, offer a glitter or sparkle top coat. This is such a fun way to spice up an otherwise dull look. Glitter accents will turn a simple design into something special. Plus, everyone needs a little more glitter in their life! 

Cafe Colors

Nothing speaks more to the soul than a cup of warm coffee on a chilly morning. Cafe colors are very on-trend for fall. Choose brown and nude shades in taupe, chocololate, and any other cafe color. Nude gradients are also trending. Try five different cafe shades, one on each digit.

Sweater Set

Create a cable knit look with a sweep of striping polish to create a sweater vibe. Choose preppy shades or the colors of autumn. Make sure they coordinate with the colors of autumn fabric, to create a realistic sweater effect. V Beauty Pure nail art brushes can help you create this cozy design.

Fall Go-To’s

Everyone has their go-to’s! While this fall is en route to have some very memorable trends, it is important to keep all your clients in mind. 

Not everyone is going to want neon splatter acrylics at Thanksgiving dinner. It’s fun to try new things, but sometimes a recommendation for an easy go-to look is just what your client needs. 

Top Basic Colors To Recommend:

  • Milk Chocolate
  • Soft Red 
  • Mauve 
  • Light Grey
  • Navy
  • Sand (tan)
  • Baby Pink 
  • Dark Purples

White All Year Round

With your clients fully in the fall spirit, and a few weeks into the cooler weather with their summer tan almost completely faded, an all-white mani-pedi is just what they’re gonna need. White is everyone's go-to, especially when they’re missing those warm summer days! Add a super glossy top coat to glam it up.

Clear Acrylics

Clear acrylics may be the newest trend we have yet to see, but we are so stoked they’re here. This is not something you see every day or service that is offered at every salon, so offering this bare nail trend to a client will definitely set you apart from your competitors!

Tip: With any of these looks, you can offer chrome flakes in colors like red and orange, giving it that touch of fall flurry!

Chrome Nails

You can never have too much fun when it comes to your nails. Does your client want to switch it up? Offer this hot new look. It’s a real eye-catcher, and so fun and versatile. Chrome colors can dress up or dress down a look depending on the shade. 

Metallic nudes and bronzes are perfect for the client that wants a subtle style. Your bold client may prefer a chrome in red, blue, or green.


This is definitely for the more bold client. Nail embellishments are such a cute way to spice things up! While they’ve been around for a while, they’re predicted to gain even more attention this fall. Add rhinestones, charms, or gold flakes for that celebrity-inspired touch of glam.

Tip: Best paired with a deep red color and gold accent piece, giving us that warm holiday feel. 

Matching Face Mask

A trend you will only see in 2021… But matching your newest nail look to your face mask is the cutest idea! Let’s make the best out of a situation. Having to wear a mask everywhere is definitely not ideal; however, so many stylists and influencers have begun taking masks to the next level by coordinating them with outfits. YES, even their NAILS! Nude shades and burgundy are very versatile and will coordinate well with many styles.

Pro Tips

Recommend Gel Polish: Lasts longer, looks better, and opens up their options to so many more designs and colors. 

When to recommend Gel: Gel is definitely one of the most popular in regard to nail styles. The gel is great because it lasts the longest and has the quicker application of the two (compared to acrylic powder). Gel polish should always be recommended instead of regular polish, but especially with a more intricate design. It will be much easier to work the design after it cures and dries under UV light. 

Remind your clients: Remind your clients that applying a quality cuticle oil to the nail plate and nail bed daily helps improve the nail and the flexibility of the nail bed, resulting in a more durable and healthy nail. It also moisturizes the skin around the nail, preventing hangnails.

Reassurance: Be sure to remind your clients that you are using the best quality products on their nails. With so many common misconceptions in regards to what keeps your nails healthy and what doesn't, be sure to explain to them that your nail bed actually doesn’t absorb any toxins from the product and that you can’t “allow them to breath” anything to make them healthier either! As long as a quality product like V Beauty Pure is used, and proper application is executed, your client has nothing to worry about.

The Bottom Line

With the amount of “2021 nail dos and don’ts” scattered around the internet and social media, it is so difficult to know which ones to trust. V Beauty Pure knows nails, and we’re telling you these are keepers. We take pride in not only the quality of our product but the care and responsibility we feel to keep your clients as fresh and on-trend as possible! 

Nail trends, especially seasonal nail trends, are more bold and unique than ever. Bright colors and hip designs are becoming the focal point of most of these new trends. Remember to stay bold and don’t be afraid to step outside the box. Try those funky colors and intricate designs; this year is the time to do it!


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