Acrylic Nails Right Hand? Liquid Monomer

Acrylic Nails Right Hand? Liquid Monomer

Looking to start your acrylic game or curious about what liquid monomer is? Congrats - you’re at the right place! Here’s the quick and dirty details that you need to know about liquid monomer for acrylic nails. 

Liquid monomer is the unsung hero in the art of acrylic nail building. Acrylic’s original form is powder and the liquid monomer allows for the product to transform itself into a malleable paste in which you can use to build the perfect set for yourself or your client 💅.

What Really Is Liquid Monomer?

The first thing to note is that liquid monomer is often referred to as nail liquid. Don’t let that fool you, they really are the exact same thing! Nail liquid, or liquid monomer, is used for acrylic nail building. It allows the acrylic powder to transform from powder to paste that you can then form with a nail tip or form to create the perfect, custom nail. 

Liquid monomer is a molecule that forms a polymer to create superior adhesion with acrylic. Without this nail liquid, you’re left with a powder in a jar that doesn’t do much other than sit there!

What Is Liquid Monomer for Acrylic Nails Made Of? 

Here’s the harsh truth. In the swingin’ 70s, the FDA sued to get nail products made of 100% MMA (methyl methacrylate) off the market because of the large number of injuries, but some acrylic nail systems still utilize this sticky and often damaging monomer (gross). 

The good news? You never have to worry about that with us. V Beauty Pure’s patented monomer contains no MMA, guaranteeing a safe application and a perfect finish every 👏 single 👏 time 👏.

Okay, But How Do You Use Liquid Monomer for Acrylic Nails?

First thing’s first, you need to prepare your nails before you touch the monomer and acrylic. An unprepped nail means that your acrylic will not stick properly to the nail or it will not last as long as it should. This means you need to buff, dehydrate, bond and prime your natural nails to get the most desired outcome possible. 

In order to prepare your canvas, we conveniently built the perfect kit for everything you need to prep your nails. After this is complete, you’ll want to add your form or tip, which will allow you to customize the fit and length for each nail. If we’ve lost you on any of these steps, or you’re unsure how to add a form or tip, we get it. It’s hard stuff and sometimes written explanations aren’t the most helpful in understanding! 

Check out our Youtube channel where we cover these steps and provide visuals along the way.  

If you’re still with us (impressive stuff), then once you’ve finished preparing your nails, you’re now ready to lay your acrylic with the help of our nail liquid (or liquid monomer)! 

First you’ll want to wet your brush with liquid monomer - perhaps we’re biased, but we love our Kolinsky Brushes and highly recommend one of these above all others! From there, you will tap your brush into the acrylic powder to form a bead to then lay onto the nail. Using the form or nail tip, your brush, and nail liquid, build out the acrylic to the length and shape preferred. 


How Much Liquid Monomer Do I Need for Acrylic Nails?

Three words: Not. Too. Much. You’ll want to make sure your acrylic bead is the perfect amount of wet that it’s malleable, but not too wet that it’s not easy.

When you’re using acrylic powder, it is very important your liquid to powder ratio is correct. If it is too dry (aka there isn’t enough monomer) it won’t properly bind to the nail. If it is too wet, that also poses issues as it won’t be able to be molded properly onto the nail. 

Our tip for properly pulling a bead - which is what we refer to the acrylic and monomer combination on your brush - is by first wetting your kolinsky brush, then tapping the brush into your acrylic powder gently three times. Do not drag your brush in the powder. Wait about three seconds before applying to nail. For a visual how to, check out this very short video on our Instagram here

Does Any Monomer Work with Acrylic Powder?

In theory, yes, it is probably fine to mix and match different brands and formulations of liquid monomer for your acrylic nail sculpting. We can’t speak to these companies, their formulas, or quality of ingredients though. You’re putting hard work into your nails and the products aren’t cheap. If you’re not using great quality brands then it’s unlikely your acrylic nails will last as long or look as great as you’re hoping for. 

At VBP we want your nails to last and look great every time. We invest in our ingredients despite it being more expensive for us in order to ensure you have the best chance for great looking nails. Our product development is intense because our customers deserve the best. 

So while you probably can mix and match your equipment and products, we don’t suggest it. It’s better to use reputable brands that invest in their products. 

So Now What? 

You’re ready to go! Our online shop has everything you need to get started. Run, don’t walk. Our bundles and kits are the best way to get started - Check them out and have fun!