Beautiful Art Of Glamour Nails

Beautiful Art Of Glamour Nails

Who doesn’t love to look beautiful and rock a nail look that will make them the talk of the town? Glamour nails can be an amazing twist to the traditional look that many customers desire, and they add a pop of color, a design twist, or just a flash of sparkle to what would otherwise be a boring nail look.  When it comes to learning and trying new nail styles for the end of 2020, glamour nails are the way to go.  

In this article, let’s explore some of the most beautiful glamour styles available on the market, cover how you can learn how to apply them, and learn how to make them appealing to your clients.

The Rainbow French Nail

The Rainbow French nail is an alternative to a traditional french manicure.  Instead of taking the traditional manicure and leaving it the way it is, ask your clients if they’d like to try a pop of color with the rainbow French design.  

This basically means that you take a traditional french manicure and add some flash to the end; pick a different color for the tip of each nail.  This look works best with rounded nails but is flexible enough to work out with really any type of manicure on either natural nails or acrylics.  

The “French” Manicure

Another alternative to the traditional French manicure is to add a bit of the French language to the tip of the nails.  This can be a cute way for your clients to express their personality and culture.  Gilded tips that have the words beau, amour, non, and oui on the end?  What an exciting and unique way to make a statement!

Sea Glass Nails

If you have someone who is really trying to stand out, give them a sea glass nail.  This is a beautiful and transparent nail that lets the light shine through the beachy colors.  A matte top coat can be a great way to make the color feel new, and you can let the sheer colors evoke the emotions of the summer and the ocean.  Pick blues, greens, and teals to complete this perfect look.

The Split-Screen Look

Welcome to the world of modern technology, a world that changes so fast that it’s impossible to keep track of everything that’s going on. If split screen, multi-screen phones are all the rage, why not learn how to apply a split-screen look? 

 If you have a client who can’t decide on a color, let them pick all the colors at once! Split each nail into two colors and let them have up to twenty unique colors for a look that will keep them talking for a long time!

A Yin And Yang Nail

Looking to apply a little culture and display the duality of the soul in one look? You need to have the Yin Yang nail in your repertoire.  You can split the nail with a design that mimics the Yin and Yang design from ancient Chinese philosophy.  

This is an amazing way for someone to show how they connect with the natural world just by getting their nails done! It can be an amazing conversation starter, and you can really pick any color for the non-white side, as long as it complements the season, the occasion, or their outfit.

Sunny Flowers

Want to find a way to spice up a clear coat nail? Something basic but still flirty and fun?  A fun way to practice the art of glamour nails is by adding a little shaped flower to the middle of every clear nail.  

Alternate colors, find colors that complement one another, and create a fun and exciting look that will work from April to August.  Your clients will love this as it’s a cute way to express their love of spring, a pop of color, or just the desire to stand out all at once

Gradient Nails

If you really want to spread your creative wings and exercise your love of the art of nail design, try something like gradient nails.  This look works best with matte shades and is a really good way to pick colors that work well together.  

You can start on either the left pinky or the right pinky and then pick ten colors that work across the hand, moving through the color spectrum that you selected.  The gradient trend is really going strong, and matte coats give the look an exciting edge.  Stand out with something different!

Two-Tone Tips

Back on the trend of the French manicure, an exciting twist to this nail is the two-tone tip.  Instead of just having one solid color on the tip like white, add a splash of color with a two-tone look.  Something pastel or something subtle can be a great way to spice up an otherwise classic and somewhat boring look.  The extra glamour will really help their nail stand out!

Color Blocking Nails

This is one of the more exciting modern trends in nail design.  A glamour nail has to be something exciting and something new, by definition, and it has to completely stand out.  Color blocking is a great way to explore the art of the glamour nail.  

Color blocking is basically the practice of painting neat geometric shapes on each nail with different colored polishes.  It is practically a funky, modern look that stands out best when you use alternating and contrasting colors.  While this technique is actually fairly simple, it does require some practice to make sure the lines are clean and sharp.  

  • You start by preparing the base coat, which provides a smooth surface for the polish and protects your client’s nails from being stained.
  • Choose a minimum of three contrasting colors.  The bolder the colors and the bolder the contrast, the more their nail look will stand out.   A good way to pick the colors is to point your clients towards the primary colors and then have them pick shades that exist within the primary colors.
  • Start with the lightest color, then pick the color blocking method.  Either use the taping method that is used in industrial or commercial painting of rooms, where the areas that are not to be painted are taped over, or pick a painting method that involves very precise application and direct line work yourself.
  • Then, begin filling in from the lightest color to the darkest color, working through your blocking and creating the shapes fully and completely.
  • Finish with a top coat! This adds strength and shine and allows the nails to last longer.  Make sure all three colors are cured first so that you don’t smudge any of the line work you spent so much time on!

This style can be so exciting because it allows you to experiment with so many different colors and shapes.  You can do triangular designs, square or rectangle designs, and can even do diamonds or trapezoidal shapes if that’s what the client is in the mood for! 

Realistic Flowers

This design is very similar to the sunny flower design from above, but the difference is in the details.  For the sunny flower design listed previously, the design is somewhat cartoony and not very intricate.  However, a more precise and ornate bloom can be a beautiful way to design a nail.  A realistic flower can take a lot of work and may be pricey, but there will be absolutely nothing like it when you finish these one of a kind designs.

Cow Nails

If you have clients that want to mimic any celebrity styles, this one is a simple way to start.  The Cow Nail look, made popular by celebs like Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner, basically starts with a subtle base coat of any neutral color (although it is usually white) and then adds randomized cow pattern designs in black.  This look may be fairly niche in its application, but it can be a fun look for a night out or a quirky date.

Abstract Rainbow Nails

So, you have a client who comes in and wants a look that will make them smile every time they look at their nails.  They want a conversation starter, something that will make them stand out but without drawing too much attention.  You have the perfect look in your arsenal when it comes to these types of ideas: the abstract rainbow nail is a fun, flirty, and cute way to express that side of themselves.  Pick 3-6 colors, arrange them in rainbow order, and paint flowy ribbons in several patterns across their nails, from top to bottom, left to right, or any combination of the above!

In Summary

While Glamour Nail Art can seem incredibly daunting, it doesn’t have to be! You can create looks for your clients that you feel comfortable doing without spending too much time or effort on it, and only a few of them require a ton of practice.  Good luck!