Let Your Fingers Sparkle With The Best Holiday Nails of 2020

Let Your Fingers Sparkle With The Best Holiday Nails of 2020

The holidays might look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun with nail designs. Experimenting with different looks revolving around the holidays is always a blast, especially with people who are willing to try new things. 

Whether it’s time to cut the turkey, open presents, or watch the ball drop, we’ve got all the best nails for finishing off 2020. 


If you want a unique nail that will stand out for the holidays, then try doing a simple star-studded nail design. This look starts with a clear coat, and then you draw a star with a very thin black line. Color the inside of the star on each nail with silver sparkle, being careful not to go outside the lines. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Round.

Green Tortoise

Tortoiseshell designs have been very trendy recently, so why not include them in nail designs? They’re absolutely perfect for the holidays due to their subtlety and flair. This look will start with a dark green base and then add in some black splotches to make it look like a tortoiseshell. This nail design is definitely a conversation piece for parties. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Almond. 

Sparkly Mint

A mint french manicure has been seen on many runways this year, and for good reasons too. A twist on the classic french mani using holiday colors is great for those who like to stand out. Start with a regular nude or light pink base, and then add mint green to the tips of your nails. Add some sparkle if you really want to make them pop. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Round.

Fall Floral

The inspiration for this look comes directly from the fall foliage. This design proves that florals aren’t just for spring and summer. You can do this look by painting a base coat of a neutral tone and then adding orange, yellow, and red flowers on top. Finish with some small pinecone details to pull it all together. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Almond.

Snowball Pearls

This elegant idea encompasses the blissful and pure white of a snowfall. You can start with a neutral base or even a clear coat and then add small pearls on top. Arrange them in a pattern to your liking to get a snowball effect. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Round. 

Burnt Orange

A nail design fitting for Thanksgiving, these nails are simple to achieve. Start with a dark orange color that reminds you of pumpkin pie. Then, for an accent nail, start with a brown base and draw a turkey fit for a feast.

Style of nail this looks best on: Square.

Christmas Criss-Cross

For a more whimsical holiday nail look, try this one. You can use a light pink or white base color and then use a thin gold line to create a criss-cross pattern along the nails. Add different colored jewels along the gold lines for a “Christmas lights” feeling. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Almond.  

Pink And Gold

This millennial pink and glitter nail is fitting for the holidays and, really, for any time. Use a light, soft pink for the base of this nail look. Then, add golden sparkles at the tips of the fingers to achieve a french style mani. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Round. 

Dark Green Details

These nails are reminiscent of pine trees that are so often covered with snow during this time. Instead of just plain green nails, make these stand out with stripes of dark green in a horizontal pattern. Start with a clear coat for the base, and then add several thin lines of the green color top to create this look. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Oval.

Champagne Shimmer

Everyone likes to toast around the holiday season. Champagne colored nails are the best way to raise your glass at any event. Pick a golden pink tone for these nails, and don’t forget to add some sparkles for that bubbly effect. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Square.

Blue And Silver

These nails are best suited for lighting the menorah. Using blue and silver, paint each nail a different shade. This is a different kind of take on gradient nails, using a variety of hues. Use a sparkly or glossy color, depending on your taste. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Oval.

Ombre Snow

Another pretty nail for this time of year is a subtle snow design. Without being too obvious, these nails make every type of nail sparkle. They’re an ombre nail and a french manicure rolled into one. Add a metallic dot to the base of the nail for holiday parties. Start the gradient with a nude color and ease your way into pearly white at the tips. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Stiletto. 


People who celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah in their family often can’t decide on a color scheme for their nails. Well, this look incorporates both holidays, making sure each one has its moment. Start with a neutral base and add pops of blue, green, and red to each nail. You can even add crystals of the same colors. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Almond. 

Cozy Sweater

During the holidays, the weather gets chilly, and people start to dress for it. This nail design gives us serious sweater weather fever. Start with a pine green on two of the nails, then add a sparkly gold nail. For the main attraction, paint one nail white with cable knit details on it. These nails are sure to keep you warm during the holidays. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Square. 

Sparkly Maroon

If you need more Thanksgiving nail ideas, then look no further. These dark red nails are just as bold as a dark red lip during the Fall. They are shimmery, mimicking the specked coloring of fall foliage. Just like the slippers from the Wizard Of Oz, these nails are sparkly and magical. Start each nail with a dark red coat, and then do a silvery accent nail. Add a clear sparkle coat over the red after they’ve dried.

Style of nail this looks best on: Oval.

Retro Shapes

If you want to design a nail look that is anything but ordinary, then this is the right one. This works best on long nails, but it is not necessary. The shapes of this red and green design are almost straight out of a 1960s Christmas special. They can also be finished in a matte coat for a modern take. 

Start with a thin black line and make small “X” shapes along the lines. Make sure to include red and green bulb shapes on each nail. You can also add some rhombuses between the black lines. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Stiletto or Almond.  

Icy Blue And Silver Abstract

This design is equal parts Hanukkah nails and winter nails. This means they can be worn long after the holidays have passed. Instead of a dark blue, use a light, baby blue as the base color and top it off with some silver metallic lines to complete the icy look. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Almond.

Black And Purple

If you are looking for a way to spice up New Year’s, then this is the right look for you. These black and purple nails are the perfect way to say goodbye to the year 2020. Even if you’ll be celebrating from your living room, you can do it with gorgeous nails. Start with a black base coat and then add little splashes of purple to each nail. You can also add some glitter to wherever it feels necessary. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Square or Round. 

Cranberry Red

Another shade of red that blends in extremely well with the holidays is cranberry. This color takes cues from the food on the table. Add a base coat of a dark red, and then add some small leaves of green to each nail. This will create a holly berry effect on the cranberry nails adding even more depth to the design. 

Style of nail this looks best on: Square.

In Summary

Nails are a way to express your individuality and personality. Anyone who comes into the salon and wants a holiday-themed nail will be thoroughly impressed with any of these designs from this list. Creating balance and spunk in every design is the key to satisfied customers. 


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