Christmas Nails: Designs For Your Next Holiday Party

Christmas Nails: Designs For Your Next Holiday Party

Christmas can really be the most wonderful time of the year. Everything about the food, the warmth you share with friends, and the presents make this time of year so special. Everyone has a different way of celebrating Christmas, and this can go for nail designs as well. 

The styles people choose for holiday nails express who they are and their personal style, so you may have clients coming in who want fun, seasonal nail designs. Some people like to go all out, and others like to keep it simple, but either way, a well-done manicure can add to your holiday flair. 

We’ve got all the hottest designs for this upcoming season, no matter your style. 

Sparkly Pine Green

This shade of green is perfect for the season. Pine trees covered in snow are a classic part of the winter season. You can add sparkle to their nail look, too, so that it reminds you of the glistening snow on the trees outside. This is a somewhat simple look that can also really pop with any outfit you choose. 

Green nails often can represent safety and healing. It gives you a soothing look and can make you look wise beyond your years. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square.

White Ombre

Who doesn’t love a French manicure? It’s a timeless look that you can make extremely modern and cute. Adding an ombre effect and a small gemstone near the base can make it feel like a magical snowstorm. These nails are sure to get plenty of compliments, and they can be worn at any time of the year if you’d like! 

This look is crisp and clean and can represent new beginnings for you. A blank white canvas means endless possibilities. 

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.

Red And Black Plaid

Red and black plaid reminds us of cozy flannel pajamas. This look is perfect for Christmas, and it’s unique. Plaid is comfortable and stylish, so why not make it a nail look for the holidays? It might even match your Christmas morning PJs. It’s an eye-catching manicure that’s easy to achieve. You can use a glossy red and a matte black for contrast. 

Red nails are confident and classy. They can make you feel bold, just like a red lip. The color gives off a flirty vibe and also exudes strength.

Style of nails these look best on: Oval.

Abstract Design

This look is super fun and different. You can choose any base color and then any number of colors to go on top. Red, green, black, gold, it doesn’t matter! Simple artsy swipes with the applicator will give you a beautiful abstract pattern on their nails.

The best part about this one is that every nail will be slightly different, just like a snowflake!

Style of nails these look best on: Round.

Polka Dots

Of course, there is no need to explain why polka dots are a fun look. Polka dots are a popular fashion choice for tops, dresses,  and even shoes. You could use an alternating red and gold base pattern on the nails and then use the opposite color for the polka dots on top. 

This type of design is very easy and does not require a ton of practice or skill. Just make sure to cure the product before messing it up. 

Style of nails these look best on: Squoval.

Candy Stripes

Another classic part of the Christmas season is candy canes. Whether you put them on your tree or in your hot chocolate, they make an excellent addition to get into the spirit of the holidays. Peppermint looking nails are a little more advanced to achieve, but not impossible. 

Using a white base, draw diagonal lines across the nails with red gel polish, alternating the thickness of the lines. Add some sparkle for extra glitz and glamour if you like. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square.

Holographic Glitter

A holographic nail look can be mesmerizing. This is a great look for a black and white outing. It adds a little bit of pop to your otherwise monochromatic look without clashing. The shimmer will catch the light everywhere you go and will also catch the eye of people admiring them. 

Holographic nails are all the rage right now, and there are a ton of celebrities following the trend. 

Style of nails these look best on: Stiletto.

Burgundy With Crystals

Burgundy nails are a great alternative to classic red nails. These are a bit more gothic and moody without being too much. They remind us of red wine and good times. Add some silver and gold crystals to these nails to complete any ensemble you have planned.

The crystals and the burgundy are a great contrast and really look sophisticated.

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.

Winter Wonderland

This look is quite majestic, as the name suggests. A snow-storm themed nail means different shades of white, ivory, light pink, and blue. Much like the abstract nails, each one is different and has a unique touch to it. One nail can be marbled blue, another sparkly white. You can really customize this look however you like to fit your style and personality. Dress it up or down with crystals, gems, and glitter. 

Style of nails these look best on: Coffin.

Starry Sky

This is a variation of the polka dot look, adding star shapes to the nail for a night sky effect. You can start with any color base that you like, and then choose a color that contrasts with the base for the nail design. Start with a few dots and then draw a few asterisks for a twinkling result. 

Style of nails these look best on: Round.

Ornamental Nails

Why not take a little advice from the tree ornaments for their nail look. You can design each nail differently in a unique pattern that resembles a Christmas tree ornament. Experiment with stripes, stars, and snowflakes on each nail. This look is super versatile, too, because the color choice is up to you! We recommend using a classic seasonal color combo like red and gold. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square.

Marbled Black And White

This is an understated Christmas nail look for people who are tired of red and green. Using a matte black and a marble effect on the white reminds us of a snowy pinecone. Use a dotting tool to spread a little bit of black polish on the white to achieve a marble look.

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.

Christmas Lights

This is another look that is stolen straight from the Christmas tree! Their nails will look charming with this nail design. Use a dark green base to mimic the look of the Christmas light string. Then, use stick-on gems to create the effect of the twinkling lights. You can add a small silver line connecting the dots to complete the “string” look. This is a fun twist to classic gemstone nails, and it’s a great conversation piece at parties. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square or Oval.

Crystal Confetti

This nail look is great for Christmas and New Year’s parties. The colors are versatile, and the metallic glitter is stunningly beautiful. You can use different sizes and shapes of glitter pieces on the nail to get the effect of confetti. 

Style of nails these look best on: Stiletto.

Holly And Berries

This is a classic Christmas design used on wrapping paper, dishware, and other Christmas decor. For this vintage look, you can start with a white base and then add green for leaves and red for the berries. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square.

Symbols Of The Season

Spice up the nails with different symbols of the holiday, such as the nutcracker. Have your client choose a color for their nails, whether it be blue, gold, red, etc. Then pick an accent nail and draw something that reminds you of Christmas. This could range from a present to Santa himself. This may take a little more skill and practice than the other nails, so you may want to go to a salon. 

Style of nails these look best on: Coffin.

Golden Tips

This is a take on the French manicure, except with golden arches instead of white. This can be great for parties to accentuate your style. This look can use a clear base or a light pink one. The golden on the nail tips will bring a uniqueness to your aesthetic. 

Style of nails these look best on: Oval.

In Summary

There are so many nails to choose from for this holiday season that it’s hard to pick just one! Feel free to experiment with more than one of these nails this season to see which one is your favorite. It can be hard to know how a nail design is going to look before it’s actually on the nails. Christmas is the perfect time to try new looks and be bold. Have fun!