The Comprehensive List of Gel Polish Colors

The Comprehensive List of Gel Polish Colors

With over 120 different gel nail polish colors, it can be hard to choose just a few to stock your nail salon. But it's worth lots of choices of this versatile polish on hand because it far outperforms regular polish. 

Just make sure to remind your clients that standard polish remover likely won't have much effect, and pulling off the polish can damage their natural nails, so DIY removal isn't really an option (no matter how many tutorials they watch).  You should also inform them about the LED lamp or UV lamp that you'll be using to complete the process, just so they know what's going on. Gel polish is also not the same as acrylic nails or nail lacquer, so be sure that they know that. 

When picking colors, you will want to keep your clients in mind so that there's always something they'll want to use for a mani-pedi. Choose nail colors that are popular with your clientele while also providing a wide range of options of this long-wear polish and including the basics that you'd find in a nail kit. Keep reading for a comprehensive list of 120 gel polish colors offered by V Beauty Pure.

Gel Polish - 002

Starting with shade 002, it’s a classic and quintessential candy red. It is a glossy finish and works well for anyone looking for a classic red manicure or pedicure. It can also be used in designs like Valentine’s day nails, cherries, and more. This is a signature color that needs to be in every technician’s arsenal. 

Gel Polish - 008

Shade 008 is a hot pink shade. This is a color that every artist needs to have available, because almost any client could request it. It adds a pop of color to the nails without being too overwhelming. It can also be used for designs of hearts, flowers, and more, so get to practicing your best nail looks. 

Gel Polish - 009

Polish 009 is a little more bright and flashy than 008. It is a bright bubblegum pink that gives a bold rendition of the barbie pink nail. The fun color brings brightness and youth to anyone’s nails. 

Gel Polish - 012 Topless

Before flesh-toned neutrals, ballet pink nails were the chosen neutral. Shade 012 is a ballet slipper pink gel polish. It can be used alone as a solid color or for the base coat of a classic French nail, as it blends in with the cuticle nicely. It looks great on any shaped nail as well, so it is very versatile. 

Gel Polish - 020

Shade 020 is a stunning salmon pink. This is a very popular color, especially for summer nails. It accentuates a great tan and makes the nails and skin tone pop. It is also great for olive or darker skin tones at any point in the year. 

Gel Polish - 034

Edgy nails have been all the rage with artists like Billie Eilish sporting her signature neon green and black aesthetic. Shade 034 is a neon green gel polish that can be used to recreate these edgy nail styles and to help your clients stay trendy.

Gel Polish - 038

With springtime rapidly approaching, your clients will be gravitating towards pastel and pale colors. Gel polish 038 is a pale yellow and is perfect for springtime designs. Whether you are doing an easter egg or springtime flower design, the pale yellow is the perfect edition for an understated pop of spring. 

Gel Polish - 039

One of the Pantone colors of the year 2021 is “Illuminating,” a bright and light yellow. Not only is it popular in clothing and wall paint, but it is also big in the nail world. Polish shade 039 is a neon yellow that is close to the shade illuminating. If your clients are into super bright yellow nails, you should also check out gel polish 059, the even more neon yellow sister.

Gel Polish - 042 LA

Animal prints are always in, especially this year, as the show Tiger King aired. Shade 042 LA is a tiger orange color that has been big in fashion and nail design. It is good as a stand-alone color or in animal print designs as well. 

Gel Polish - 045 White

V Beauty Pure’s signature white color is gel polish 045. Every nail artist needs a white polish for designs, solids, and a classic french. This white is bright as snow and will make the nails look clean and pop. 

Gel Polish - 048 Black

Just like white, black is another signature color that everyone needs. Shade 048 is the black shade offered by V Beauty Pure. The polish is a glossy finish and is good for a solid black nail as well as detailed work. 

Gel Polish - 051 Natural

In the past few years, earth tones and neutrals have been very popular in fashion and nail trends. Gel polish 051 Natural is a natural color with a brown base with rose and mink undertones. These pinky undertones make the color softer and less like a harsh brown color and can match warm tones in clothing. 

Gel Polish - 060

Gel polish 060 is a fine silvery-white glitter. The polish is not an opaque glitter but is a sheer glitter that can be added to the top of any design or polish to add a shine and shimmer to an otherwise matte look. It is also perfect for snow globe and snowflake nail art during the holidays. 

Gel Polish - 061

Gel polish 061 is a sheer polish with round gold and gold glitter. The glitter is a larger grain where you can see the edges of each piece of glitter. The polish adds an edgy or pop vibe to any nail design. It could also be added to a nail with no base color for a glitter nail that can still be seen through as an accent nail.

Gel Polish - 062 Ice Me Out

Shade 062 Ice Me Out is a medium pink color with fine glitter. This glitter is sheer, so it can  be used as a topcoat on another solid color or design. Its medium pink base makes it unique from other sheer glitters and can add a pop of color as well. It could be added over all of the nails or only one for an extra special accent nail.  

Gel Polish - 067

Iridescent and holographic nails are another nail trend that has been going around recently. Shade 067 is an iridescent light purple nail polish that catches the light like no other. This could be paired with polish 076 for a galaxy design or used alone for a fairy-like design. 

Gel Polish - 071

Everyone has had red glitter nails at least once in their life. Whether it was for the holiday season or a big event, glitter red nails are a rite of passage. Gel polish 071 is an Opaque blood red glitter polish. It is opaque glitter, so it can be used on its own without being able to see through the nail. 

Gel Polish - 076

Shade 076 is so unique and beautiful. It is an opaque midnight blue glitter polish. The color has both purple and deep blue tones in it, so it can look different through various lighting. Its deep glitter color is perfect for a galaxy design since it is multidimensional. 

Gel Polish - 097 Size Matters

Gold glitter accent nails are popular all year long. Choosing a gold glitter gel polish that can be applied in only one coat is hard to find, but polish 097 Size Matters is up to the challenge. It is an opaque gold shade with glitter. It is a champagne gold tone, which is increasingly popular as opposed to traditional yellow gold. 

Gel Polish - 104

If people are not into the bright neon color trend, the chances are that they are into muted neutral tones. The same goes with pinks, so the gel polish 104 is exactly what people are looking for. It is a rose blush pink tone that is easily matched to clothing and accessories. It can also be used in designs, especially flowers and patterns like polka dots. 

Gel Polish - 118 Christian

Christian Louboutin high heels are every person’s epitome of a perfect heeled shoe. The red bottom is iconic, so having a nail polish that perfectly matches these shoes would be perfect. Well, gel polish 118 Christian is exactly that. This polish would be perfectly matched with a stiletto nail to pair perfectly with a stiletto heel. 

Gel Polish - 112 Naughty

Polish 112 Naughty is another neutral-toned polish. It closely resembles a coffee brown color. Instead of the pink tones of shade 051 Natural, it has more of a khaki undertone. This can be used as a standalone gel color, an ombre of neutral tones, or with nature-inspired nail art designs. 

In Summary

Keep in mind that this is just a sampling of choices—there are so many more to choose from for a gel manicure. V Beauty Pure offers Semi-Permanent color that only takes one coat to get the payout that you are looking for, so your clients are sure to love it from the moment they take their nails out from under the UV light. You can choose whichever colors are calling out to you, or you can purchase one of our gel nail polish sets or starter kits to get basic colors. Each polish provides long-lasting wear of up to 14 days and is easy to soak off when it is ready to be changed. 


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