Fabulous Easter Nail Designs For Any Easter Celebration

Fabulous Easter Nail Designs For Any Easter Celebration

The Easter holiday is quickly approaching, so you are probably beginning to plan for the Easter nail designs. Easter nails are full of springtime inspiration reminiscent of the holiday itself. When it comes to color schemes, there are a lot of pastel shades and bright spring colors. Keep reading to get inspired with many Easter nail design styles. 

Easter Eggs

Nothing screams Easter like an Easter egg hunt, so a cute egg is the perfect thing for your design. Easter eggs can be a simple design that can be customized to your client. Try switching it up with different colors and patterns like chevron, polka dots, and stripes. 

Style of nails these look best on: Round.

Neon Nails

If your client isn’t looking for a traditional Easter nail, consider neon nail polish colors. Neon yellow, green, orange, blue, and pink are some of the most common color options. These colors are bright for spring and are usually used for solid-colored nails. Neon nails can also easily be paired with rhinestones to up the boldness factor.

Style of nails these look best on: Stiletto.

Speckled Nails

Think of a robin’s egg and imagine its speckled surface. These speckles are a great design for someone looking for a simple design with a slight twist. 

To create the speckled robin’s egg look, begin with a pastel base of white, yellow, pink, or blue. Then, create the unorganized speckles by hand or use a tool like a toothbrush with a little polish to make random speckles. Afterwards, go in with a dot tool to create a few larger dots on each nail. 

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.

Easter Bunny

The Easter bunny is another character that represents Easter, and he can easily be recreated on the nails in just a few simple steps. Paint the following in white: half of an oval for the body of the bunny, two long skinny ovals on the rounded edge of the half oval for the ears. Then go in with pink to draw to small pink ovals in the white ovals for the ears to add depth. Finally, add a small pink nose and two eyes on the face. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square.

Bunny Silhouette

Instead of a cartoon bunny, consider painting a simple silhouette of a rabbit. Choose your base color wisely, as it is will heavily influence the feel of the design. 

For a classic look, consider doing a solid black or white nail with the opposite color for the rabbit silhouette. Alternatively, choose a soft green or pastel for the base to make a gentle aesthetic. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square.

Polka Dots

Polka dots are commonly seen around Easter time with their appearance on decorated Easter eggs. Polka dots can be used alone as a design element and can be easily added to any nail with a dotting pen tool. You can even add dimension by adding various sized dots on each nail. You can also use the polka dots as an accent nail to add just a pop of flair. 

Style of nails these look best on: Round.

Pastel French

Easter is often a formal event with church service and family gatherings. Due to this formal nature, many people would like a nail design that is classic with a slight hint of spring. A pastel french tip nail can be a great way to mix the two. 

Choose a pastel like pink or baby blue to create a pastel french tip design. Be cautious when choosing pastel yellows for a French, as this may result in the nails appearing dirty and yellowing. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square.


Carrots are another fan favorite for Easter. As the artist, you can decide to go with a cartoon or realistic style for your carrot. The basis of the design is a long skinny triangle with greenery coming out of the top. Carrots can also easily be paired with other designs, such as the Easter bunny or spring chick. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square with rounded edges.

Accent Flower Nails

Flowers of all kinds are a classic nail art design all year round, but especially in the Easter season. Tulips, simple five-petal flowers, hibiscus, daisy, sunflowers, cherry blossoms, and more are commonly featured in spring designs. 

Take the time to practice different flowers with your 3D nail art brush and find a few that you are really good at. You can then suggest those to your clients who will be very pleased with the result. 

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.

Rose Bud Nails

The rose is arguably the most classic flower of them all. Roses symbolize love and romance, and are a very feminine, gentle flower. 

For a beautiful classic nail design, consider painting four nails a dusty rose color like shade 104. On the fifth nail, do multiple small rose paintings, almost as if it was a floral patterned fabric. This nail design will capture the beauty of your client and be an understated design that all of their friends will love. 

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.

Cross Nails

Easter is a Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In memory of this, it may be appropriate to feature a single cross on the nail. Depending on the preference of your client, you could choose to do a classic cross in paint, or make it stand out more with the addition of crystals. Either way, this design can act as a reminder to the wearer of the true meaning of the holiday season.

Style of nails these look best on: Square.


Plaid nails can be very in for Easter. While it may seem like a difficult design to achieve, as long as you are able to paint a straight line, you will be all set. 

Begin with a solid base with a light color like white or yellow. Follow up with a thick line of any color off-center going vertical on the nail, then horizontal on the nail about a millimeter below the tip of the nail. Right below the intersection of the thick lines, create another cross with a thinner line. You can go from there and add any other thin lines that you see fit.

Style of nails these look best on: Square.

Gold Glitter Nails

Nothing is more exciting than finding the golden egg in the Easter egg hunt. Using this theme, you can create an all gold glitter nail to help your client live their golden egg fantasy. If they do not want full gold glitter nails, you can always do a glitter accent nail to let it make an appearance. 

Style of nails these look best on: Coffin.

Green Glitter French with Bunny and Flowers

This design includes multiple elements that have been included on this list. The base of this nail will have a green glitter french tip that fades into the base of the nail as opposed to having a straight line for the tip. The green will represent the green spring grass. On top of the grass, you can include a hopping bunny and, of course, spring flowers. If your client is looking for a spring scene with many elements, this is a great option. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square.

Easter Basket

Easter is not complete without an Easter basket. You can take this idea in multiple directions. One is to create a basket weave pattern across all of the nails to pay homage to the Easter basket. Another option is to have a full image of an Easter basket on one nail and have the other nails have other symbols of Easter. Either option is great, and you can choose your preference based on your aesthetic and level of detail work. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square with rounded edges.

In Summary

While Easter may not look the same as years before, you can still celebrate by having and doing beautiful nails. Help your clients to find any excuse to find joy in this time of life. Remember that a light, bright aesthetic is the key to Easter nails. You can use any of these fabulous Easter nail designs to design the best easter nails in town. 


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