Finding The Perfect Nails For A White Dress

Finding The Perfect Nails For A White Dress

When your client has a white dress they want to wear, they may not know how they want their nails to match. And it’s not because it’s hard to find something that works with white; it’s quite the opposite problem. There are almost too many options to go with white, which can really make it difficult to narrow down a good choice. You can go bold with a color pop, you can keep it matchy-matchy and do white, you can do a nice French, or you can do a neutral color. And there are even more options than this to consider, such as sparkles or a painted nail design! 

There are a few different things to think about before deciding on a color for their nails. The most important factor to consider is what event they will be going to. Is it casual or fancy, a party or an elegant event, or is it a wedding (in which case, they better be the bride)? Once you think about the type of event they are going to, it will be easier to make a decision about the color of their nails. Figuring out the dress code will help you to significantly narrow down your color options. 

V Beauty Pure has a wide variety of color options, including gel polish and acrylic powder. Whether you want to go bold or keep it simple, we have the perfect color for you. We will give you some fun ideas, such as pops of color or what to do for your white wedding dress. By the end of the article, you should have plenty of ideas for how you’ll do your nails in any situation where you’re wearing a white dress.  

What Should You Do For Nails For a Wedding?

When it comes to someone’s wedding day, it is all about personal preference. There are many different routes you can take when choosing how to do nails for a wedding. In most cases, people tend to opt for more neutral nail colors or something like a French manicure. But, as we said, it’s the bride’s day, which gives her full reign to have her nails however she likes them. Below, we made a list of the top four best ideas for nail options that will go with a white wedding dress.  

  1. Match the color palette of the wedding: This is one option that will help their nails stand out that will also completely match everything. You can really have fun with this, and it works great for both traditional and edgy brides. If, for example, the wedding colors are cream and gold with emerald green accents, paint the nails emerald green. It will look amazing in pictures, especially if they’re standing with flowers and decorations that match the color palette. 
  2. Classic French manicure: You just can’t go wrong with a French. It will match every single white dress no matter the style or details, and it photographs so well. The best reason to choose a French is that you won’t ever regret it- it’s the perfect neutral and beautiful nail option that is always in style. 
  3. Something blue: This option is for brides who are a little more daring and bold. Every bride needs to have something blue on them for their wedding day, but most people will choose something like jewelry or something hidden in their dress. A fun idea is to choose a shade of blue to have on the nails instead! We aren’t talking about a neon, in-your-face blue, of course. But a beautiful powder blue or pastel blue would make for a delicate and unique color pop. 
  4. Neutral nails: This is another option where you really can’t go wrong, but you are definitely playing it safe. Neutral means very light beige, tan, or cream. You could also do white, but it might be too much considering your dress is white. You could also do a very pale, light pink that is almost cream in appearance. Neutral nails are sure to look clean and classic, which will more successfully match the bride's wedding dress.

Can I Do a Pop of Color With a White Dress?

A pop of color looks amazing with a white dress!. One of the best parts about wearing a white dress is that it matches every single color. If you are somewhere warm or if it’s for a summer party, consider doing a fun color pop on your nails. Pick a color that will match the accessories, such as the same color as their shoes. Or, they can pick their favorite color and go that route instead. For example, if your client loves pink, choose a bright and fun pink color that will really stand out. 

One awesome bonus of choosing a bold color pop is that it makes for an excellent conversation starter, which is great if you’re at an event where you don’t know everyone. Your client will get so many compliments from people who think their nails look cool — which is basically free PR for you. Choosing a pop of color on the nails will really stand out when seen next to a white dress. Also, if they aren’t big on accessories like jewelry or purses, then choosing a bold nail color can act as their accessory! Plus, it’s just plain fun to have a bright and unique color on the nails. 

A general rule of thumb to consider when suggesting a pop of color is that if someone is going to a serious or super formal event, a bright and bold color might not be appropriate. Other than that, a color pop should be just fine! 

Should I Do Gel or Acrylic Nails For a White Dress?

This is one of those instances where it depends on the event the client is going to or the situation they will be in. It also depends on personal preference; if you don’t like acrylic, you will obviously get gel instead, and vice versa. Acrylic powder is great for a flawless finish that is completely smooth and even. Gel polish lasts for two weeks and is great for those with shorter nails or completely natural nails. They both come in a vast range of colors, including neutrals, sparkles, and color pops, so that shouldn’t be a deciding factor. 

While they are both long-lasting, acrylic does tend to last longer than gel. It’s basically like an artificial nail extension. 

The point is, the type of polish you use doesn’t matter, even if your client is wearing a white dress. Both will look equally good, and you can pull off any look that they want with both gel and acrylic. What’s more important is your clients are comfortable with what’s on their nails.  


Clearly, there are a lot of options for nails when it comes to pairing them with a white dress. Whether you want to keep it simple with a neutral or French for a more elegant event or add a bold color for a fun party, you just can’t go wrong. There are even a ton of unique options for your wedding day if you’re wearing a white dress. Check off their ‘something blue’ by painting their nails their favorite shade. And remember, when in doubt, always choose a French for something classic and simple. 

For all of your nail needs, V Beauty Pure has got you covered. We have gel, acrylic, and the tools you need to make your clients’ nails look incredible. So if someone comes in and says they are wearing a white dress to an event, you don’t have to panic. You will be ready to go and know exactly what to suggest! 


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