How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last?

How Long Do Acrylic Nails Last?

Got Questions About Acrylic Nails? We’ll Get You Filled In. 

When you start your journey with doing your own nails at home, there’s plenty of questions you’ll need answered. If you choose acrylic nails, you won’t be sorry. This form of artificial nails gives you a wealth of creative potential and the ability to express yourself in truly unique ways. This article will cover all the questions you might have about acrylic nails before you get started with them, including how long they’ll last once you do them.

If you’re a seasoned veteran of acrylic application, there’s something here for you, too. Make sure you’re up to speed on all the ins and outs of acrylic nails, their ingredients, and how to make the most of them with the valuable information in the pages that follow.

Getting Started With Acrylic Nails 

When you’re looking for a method of doing your nails that gives you the opportunity to throw in some extra creative flair, look no further than acrylic nails. Acrylic nails are a form of enhancement made from a combination of artificial tips, which make your nails appear longer and more defined, and a mixture of acrylic powder and liquid. This mixture is spread on the artificial tips and solidifies, taking on a nail-like appearance. Once the mixture solidifies, you can and the nail is completed you can opt to paint on unique combinations of colors and designs with gel polish if so desired.

To do your own acrylic nails at home, you need to make sure you have the right tools on hand. You’ll need brushes, of course, as well as the acrylic mixture of powder and liquid and artificial tips. The artificial tips are affixed to your natural nails using glue, so you’ll need that, too. In addition, you need tools to get your nails ready for the acrylics to be applied, including a nail buffer, nail clippers, a cuticle tool, and primer/bonder to get the oils off the surface of your nails.

When you start doing your own acrylic nails at home, you need to make sure your natural nails are well-maintained. Acrylic nails sit directly on top of your natural fingernails, and the artificial tips at the base of the acrylics stick best when your nails are clipped and buffed. If your natural nails are too long when you do your acrylic nails, your acrylics will need to be touched up sooner. If your nails are too smooth or oily, the glue won’t stick as well.

Once you have all your tools together, it’s time to get your questions about acrylic nails answered. Being knowledgeable about acrylic nails helps you do them at home with confidence. This next section will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about acrylic nails.

Acrylic Nails: FAQs 

What they’re made of: Acrylic nails are a combination of a monomer, liquid, and a polymer, acrylic powder, on top of artificial nail tips. When the monomer and polymer mix, you end up with a combination that can be easy enough to spread on the artificial tips. After a few minutes of air-drying, though, the mixture solidifies and stays rigid to give your acrylic nails their shape.

How long they take to do: The process for creating  acrylic nails starts with prepping your nails by clipping and buffing them, then pushing back your cuticles and putting on a primer/bonder. This prep stage should take about ten minutes. Next, you’ll attach the artificial tips to your nails using glue. The glue needs a few seconds to dry and keep the tips stuck to each nail. This part of the process will take a few more minutes. 

The most time-intensive steps in the nail acrylic nail process come when you spread the acrylic mixture on the tips and apply your newly-formed acrylic nails. Give yourself at least an hour to two hours for doing acrylic nails at home from start to finish.

How to paint them: You can paint acrylic nails with gel polish if so desired.  Gel polish is incredibly blendable, allowing for the creation of eye-catching patterns, gradients, and designs.  You can use liner brushes with gel polish to create intricate designs to each nail. Each acrylic nail is a little canvas, and you’re the artist!

How long they last: Acrylic nails can last up to six months, but they’ll need to be touched up after about two weeks. The touch-ups are necessary because your natural fingernails continue to grow underneath the acrylic nails. As your nails grow, you’ll need what are known as fills, which help maintain the integrity of the acrylic nails. Routine fills will help your acrylic nails last as long as possible.

How to get them off: When it’s time to take off your acrylic nails, you’ll want to clip them as short as possible paying close attention to the growing natural nail underneath, especially the hyponychium, or file them down. This will make the removal as easy as possible. After you’ve gotten the acrylics clipped or filed, soak them in a pure acetone solution for up to 40 minutes. The acetone will dissolve the acrylic mixture and get the majority of it off of your nails. After you’re done soaking, you can buff off any remnants of the acrylic nails. 

Why Choose Acrylic Nails? 

Acrylic nails are a great option for several reasons. First, they last. When you take good care of your acrylic nails, they should stay strong and look good for weeks. Second, you can do them at home with a little diligence and practice. Third, they offer a unique combination of shape, definition, and colorful designs that is unlike any other form of nail painting.

When you do your own nails at home, you end up saving money. The price of professionally-done acrylic nails is enough to turn many away, but luckily you can do your own for much less. Saving money by doing your own acrylic nails at home gives you extra room in your beauty budget to splurge on colorful polishes, high-quality brushes, and other helpful gear.

Applying Your Acrylic Nails

Patience is extra important when you first start doing your acrylic nails at home. The gorgeous acrylic designs you might have seen online or on social media all take time and practice to master. Don’t be discouraged if applying your acrylic nails isn’t easy at first! You’re using small brushes to make tiny works of art, and that takes skill. 

Acrylic nail products blend extremely well, allowing for the creation of beautiful abstract patterns and designs. A great place to start when you’re looking for initial acrylic nail designs is a blend of two different colored pigmets. You can blend colors by making small, swirling strokes on each nail, alternating colors as you go. 

At-Home Acrylic Nail Maintenance Tips 

To make your acrylic nails last as long as possible, be as gentle as you can when you use your hands. You want to avoid breaking a nail at all costs since this will mean you need to start your beautiful artwork over.

If you’re looking for a way to provide your acrylic nails with extra protection from chipping, the use of a topcoat is a great move. Topcoat goes over your acrylic nail and gives your nails a buffer to preserve your acrylic artwork. Before applying a topcoat, be sure to cure your gel polish top coat after it is applied.  

Any time that your nails may be at risk for exposure to harsh chemicals, it’s best to wear gloves. This will keep your acrylics from weakening. If you’re washing dishes or going anywhere near acetone, it’s definitely wise to cover your acrylic nails to protect them from chemicals.

In addition, supplementing with biotin can help keep your natural nails strong and healthy, which will improve the look of your acrylics. If your fingernails are weak or brittle, you may have a biotin deficiency. This can be easily resolved by taking a high-quality multivitamin or a biotin supplement. Maintaining a holistically healthy lifestyle will have a major effect on the look and feel of your nails.  Always refer to a doctor before taking any vitamins or medicine. 

Where to Find the Best Acrylic Nail Products

If you’re not sure where to start with building up your acrylic nail arsenal, V Beauty Pure has you covered. With some of the best acrylic powder and liquid on the market, plus a wide variety of brushes, polishes, and more, V Beauty Pure is your one-stop shopping destination for anything acrylic. You don’t have to break your bank to get started with acrylic nails, either – V Beauty Pure gives you great quality even when you’re on a budget.

The key components that anyone needs in their toolbox for at-home acrylic nails are acrylic dehydrator and primer/bonder, powder and liquid, as well as brushes and polish. You’ll also need artificial acrylic tips or forms to give your nails that defined, lengthened look. Make sure you also have everything you need to take care of your nails at home, including a clipper, file or electric file,with this equipment available, you’re all ready to go!