How To Pick The Perfect Glitter Nail Art

How To Pick The Perfect Glitter Nail Art

For some people, getting a manicure is a regular occurrence—a monthly or even weekly event that just can’t be missed. For others, it’s more of a treat. Some people only go to the nail salon before a special occasion, like a wedding, birthday party, or a date. Either way, every customer enters the salon expecting to leave with a stunning and flawless new look.

One persistently popular nail-art trend is glitter. A shimmery manicure elevates any outfit, adding a unique touch and pulling the whole look together. In this way, glitter is great for events both formal and casual (and everything in between). 

With any luck, the pandemic should be coming to a close sometime soon. Soon, more and more people will be flocking to social gatherings and hosting postponed events like weddings and birthday parties. Of course, this means plenty of people will need to get their nails done. 

Glittery nail art is as popular as ever, and this return to normal life will bring even more requests for beautiful, shimmery manicures.

If you’re a professional nail tech, you probably want to be prepared with new ideas for glittery nail designs. Continue reading as we sift through some of these ideas and explore the best ways to pick the perfect glitter nail art for your customers.

Shimmery Nail Art for Special Occasions 

When it comes to glitter nail art, the options are virtually endless. With so many choices, picking out the perfect design can be overwhelming. 

So, to help you sort through all the different styles out there, we decided to divide our favorite designs by occasion. It’s easier to pick out a design with a specific event or purpose in mind. 

So, without further ado, let’s get into these nail art ideas. To begin, we have four beautiful nail art ideas for special occasions.

Birthday Party Confetti

Birthdays are one of the best occasions to celebrate, and anyone with a big birthday celebration coming up already knows they’re going to need the perfect outfit. Likewise, a birthday-themed manicure will bring that outfit to the next level.

For birthday parties, we love the confetti nail trend. It encapsulates the spirit of the celebration perfectly.

To attempt this look, start with a base coat in a bright color, like bubblegum pink. Then, add multicolored glitter (confetti) wherever you like. Using larger glitter pieces in fun shapes, like stars or hearts, works great for this look.

French, With a Twist 

Attending a wedding is the perfect excuse to get a glittery manicure. Often, the colors and design of a wedding guest’s nail art will most likely depend on the dress she plans to wear. Drawing on the look of the dress is a great way to come up with a matching nail-art design.

If you’re looking for specific ideas, here’s one of our faves: the traditional French manicure with a sparkling twist. This design works well with almost any dress. It’s quite easy, too—start with a normal French manicure. Then, when it dries, add glittering gold polish over one-third of each nail (vertically). Voila!

Shimmering Silver Wedding Nails 

Now, consider the alternative to a wedding guest—the bride herself. Many people consider their wedding to be one of the most important days of their whole lives. Naturally, a bride-to-be needs an absolutely perfect manicure for such a significant day.

If a bride comes into your salon seeking a flawless manicure, you want to be prepared with plenty of ideas. For a neutral look, consider a basic, flat white base. Then, add a silvery-white glitter on top. 

This design is simple yet effective. It’s the perfect match for a traditional white wedding dress.

New Year’s Black and Purple 

We know it’s a long way off, but it’s never too early to think about New Year’s Eve. Many of us didn’t get to attend a traditional NYE bash for the end of 2020, so we just can’t wait for the next chance to ring in a new year.

There are so many amazing New Year-themed nail designs out there. One of our favorite looks involves black, purple, and glitter. Simply apply a black base coat and then add splashes of purple to each nail. Then, add silver glitter wherever you like. 

Glittery Designs for Everyday Looks

Sometimes, people visit the salon in search of a versatile everyday look that is suitable for daily life. These looks tend to be more muted, understated, and neutral. Of course, that doesn’t mean these designs can’t be gorgeous and unique.

Adding a touch of glitter to an everyday look is a foolproof way to take the manicure to the next level. 

If you get a customer who wants a glittery manicure she can wear to work, to run errands, and to simply live her regular life, consider one of these awesome ideas.

Glitter Cuticles 

With this look, glitter is truly the star of the show. Glitter cuticles are the epitome of everyday nail art. This simple yet striking look involves a thin outline of glitter along the cuticles, which stands out against nude or bare nails.

This style works best using a base of clear or nude polish, but it would also look great with a brighter color. After applying the base and letting it dry, use a nail pen to apply a thin line of glitter along the cuticle. You can use the same glitter for each nail, or mix it up with a variety. The options are vast.

A Bold Line of Glitter 

This is another easy design that makes the perfect neutral, shining manicure.

Like glitter cuticles, this look features a single line of glitter. This one, however, runs vertically down the center of the nail. The result is a perfectly understated, versatile, glittery look.

Again, this design looks beautiful against clear or nude polish. Use silver or gold glitter to draw a single line right down the center of each nail. Feel free to experiment with colors and the width of the glittery lines.

Shimmering Polka Dots

Who doesn’t love polka dots? Small, shimmering polka dots on each nail create a fun everyday look. This design is perfect for any energetic, bubbly personality who loves to express themselves through fun fashion. 

If you want to create an adaptable look for daily life, consider using a clear base. Then, add small polka dots on each nail in whatever color you choose. Adding a touch of glitter to these dots will make the look stand out.

In this case, you will probably want to keep the glitter minimal. You don’t want there to be too much going on, with both dots and glitter all over the place. However, when done correctly, this design is absolutely perfect.

Bold Nail Art for Making an Impression 

While some people prefer neutral manicures to match every daily outfit, others love to try out bold colors and new designs that stand out among the crowd. 

This allows for ample experimentation and creative liberty. Indeed, testing out striking new nail-art designs is always exciting. If you’re looking for a few ideas about where to begin, read on for our very best ideas.

Glittery Ombre With Crystals 

This is a design that looks gorgeous on long, acrylic nails. It’s also the perfect bold look for spring.

First, create an ombre base with the colors of your choice. For spring, consider pastels like pink and blue. Then, grab your glitter and start adorning the lower half of each nail. For a memorable look, use large, crystal-like pieces of glitter in all different sizes and shapes.

We love that this design incorporates both springtime colors and shimmering crystals. If you are looking forward to enjoying warmer weather and all the social events it brings, this nail-art design will get you into the spirit of spring even more.

Iridescent Nail Art 

Finally, for a striking, conversation-starting look, consider iridescent glitter. Anything iridescent was trending back in 2020, and we still can’t get over the look.

For the perfect iridescent manicure, all you need is the right polish and the right glitter. We love the look of a silvery-chrome base with shiny, iridescent glitter on top. This style looks particularly bold on long, defined acrylic nails.

Final Thoughts 

Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiring ideas for your next shimmering manicure. Next time a client walks in asking for glitter, you should be all set.

These are just a few of our favorite looks—there is so much more gorgeous glitter nail art to try out. What is so wonderful about nail art is that it allows for endless experimentation. Like any art form, nail art offers infinite opportunities to create new, innovative designs. 

Have fun trying out our ideas and experimenting with some of your own!