Manicure 101: How To Shape Nails

Manicure 101: How To Shape Nails

Your client relies on you as the salon nail professional to provide a beautifully designed manicure and pedicure during each salon visit. V Beauty Pure offers the necessary top-of-the-line supplies and equipment for your salon, spa, or beauty school. Your clients will be provided with the flawless nail service experience they expect and deserve.

Many nail shapes are on-trend right now, so choosing the best type for your client’s hand is essential. Selecting the proper acrylics, gels, brushes, and equipment is vital to a successful nail artistry business. Let’s dive into the aspects that will benefit you in creating a lucrative beauty establishment.

Nail Lengths and Trends

A basic manicure procedure may be the most simple of services, but the techniques and products used can either make or break the quality of service you provide. Your clientele expects that your knowledge and approach to nail care will deliver top-quality results.

Nail Lengths

As a salon professional, you know the three basic fingernail lengths: short, medium, and long. There are also those extra-long and elaborate nails created with tips or nail forms that are popular today. Regardless of the length, the shape of the fingernail must be on point for your client.

It is essential to stay in the know by keeping up with the seasonal trends and latest products and equipment. Doing so will ensure that your clientele will remain satisfied with their manicure every time they leave your chair.

Nail Trends

Nail art and color trends come and go. Seasonally, the darker colors remain more popular in the fall and winter seasons, leaving the brighter colors for the spring and summer.

There are some colors, however, that make their way back around year after year.

For fall 2021, look for popular nail colors in moody blues, earthy greens, purple wine, and shades of brown. Just thinking of those colors lends the feel of cool, crisp fall air.

Metallic textures, classic reds, and sandy nudes will be making headlines this 2021 Fall season as well.

Nail Art

Brush up on your nail art techniques because Fall 2021 will have some noteworthy trends.

Pucci prints will be big this Fall, giving you room to play with twisted geometric lines, swirls, and rainbow colors. 

Terrazzo nails, 90’s patterns (think checkerboard), tortoiseshell, and two-tone French manicures will also set the trend. 3-D art, jelly nails, and glitter will remain popular for the upcoming seasons as well.

Nail Shaping

Nail shaping is performed in various ways with different tools, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. It is essential to discuss the desired nail shape and length with your client before you begin. This consultation will ensure that the end product is what the client desires. 

You shape nails by using different files. These files are moved in specific motions depending on the shape you are trying to achieve. Electric files are typically easier to use when compared to traditional files, but some people prefer the control of a classic file. 

Nail Files

Nail files come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Cardboard emery boards, glass nail files, ceramic files, and cushion files are the most recognized types of nail files.

A basic nail file is a necessity regardless of what type of manicure you will be performing. More delicate, fine grit nail files (240-600 grit) are used to shape the free edge of natural nails, remove discolorations on the nail plate, and smooth out minor irregularities such as bumps and ridges. 

Ultrafine nail files (600-2400 grit) are utilized on the nail plate to smooth out the surface and bring forth the natural nail shine. 

V Beauty Pure offers 100/180 grit Zebra nail files perfect for nail prep, shaping, and shortening the free edge on acrylics and gel nail applications. 

Regular files make it difficult to move around the cuticle area of the nail and sidewalls, making it much more labor-intensive if used on a regular daily basis. 

Using an E-file can reduce these ergonomic hazards by moving effortlessly around areas without adding pressure on your wrists, elbows, and arms.

E-File Units

E-file units, also known as nail drills, are an easy and effective way to eliminate the stress of daily manual nail filing.

E-filing is the perfect way to allow a machine to do the filing work for you. Hand filing continuously throughout your nail artistry career can cause carpal tunnel syndrome

The manual filing also leads to aches in the hands and elbows and the possibility of future surgery. 

Nail E-files contain either a brushless or brushed motor. The main difference is that brushed motors are less efficient and noisy, with a shorter life span. 

Typically most professional nail techs will desire the smooth feel of the more advanced brushless motor.

The VUnit E-File by V Beauty Pure includes a luxe rose-gold and crystal handpiece that offers a powerful 35,000 RPM (110V-220V) controller. This professional filing system allows you to seamlessly perform any nail service, from a basic manicure to 3D art. With regular use of the VUnit E-File, you will reduce friction and joint pain on your hands and arms. 

The smooth brushless motor gives this VUnit a high efficiency, quiet touch. This motor type also provides a longer lifespan and low vibration, maximizing your time and efficacy. Shaping and smoothing nail art will feel effortless.

Nail Drill Bits

Having the correct nail bit is crucial if you want to shape and smooth your manicure’s surface precisely. Using the right drill bits with your e-file will allow you to work efficiently, thus increasing client flow. 

Nail bits come in various shapes, sizes, and grits, each performing a different task. Three of the most common types of bits are diamond, carbide, and mandrel.

  • Diamond Bits: These consist of synthetic or natural diamond particles. They are strong, long-lasting, and can be washed. Diamond bits grind well and come in a variety of grits, from fine to coarse. Diamond bits do not rust. These are safe enough for the natural nail if properly used.
  • Carbide Bits: Carbide bits consist of metal that is stronger than steel. Carbide can shave off enhancements. They are ideal for working with acrylics and are also washable.
  • Mandrel Bits: These bits hold sanding bands in place and prevent slippage. Sanding bands are used to sand, buff, and file.

V Beauty Pure offers high-grade nail drill bits in diamond, carbide, and mandrel. The cuticle bits and regular nail bits come in various sizes and shapes, depending on your specific needs.

Nail Art Brush Varieties

Filing is just one aspect of necessity in creating a perfectly shaped manicure. The brushes you use for designing manicures are equally as important. 

Brushes are used to carefully form acrylics and set 3D nail art into place on each nail. Liquid retention and powder pickup are very significant factors when choosing brushes. 

Liquid retention is important in helping to avoid dipping the brush into the monomer excessively. Your mix ratio should be precise in order to retain the perfect consistency of the beaded product. 

The material that your brushes are constructed of is also critical. Kolinsky hair is one of the most popular types of bristles available for acrylic brushes. Kolinsky brushes are made from the tail hair of the Siberian weasel. These hairs are very fine in texture and can be finely shaped. That makes them easy to use, and ideal for glazing acrylics.

V Beauty Pure has designed brush sets utilizing pure Kolinsky hair. There are two varieties of these luxe nail-art brush kits.

  • The acrylic brush kit with a 3D art brush set contains #10, #12, and #6 PURE Kolinsky brushes. 
  • The rose gold special edition brush set contains these numbered brushes in a sleek, rich finish. 

Both sets provide superior liquid retention and easy powder pickup. 

These brushes are long-lasting and highly durable. The V Beauty Pure 3D nail art brush (#6) is perfect for creating all 3D nail art designs. 

Shaping Acrylic and Gel Nails

The acrylics, gels, base, and top coatings you use as a professional will make a difference in the length of wear of your client’s nails. Cheaply made acrylics will chip and be more difficult for you to form.

V Beauty Pure products are created to self-level and leave a flawless finish. The superior quality of our acrylics provides exceptional adhesion and bubble-free, even-toned color. 

Shape Away

Providing your clientele with a pleasurable manicure experience is essential to your business. V Beauty Pure supplies professionals and salon owners with the necessary products, tools, and equipment to create various beautiful manicures and pedicures. Shape the perfect natural, acrylic, or gel nails every time with our line of high-quality, professional products.


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