6 Lovely Light Pink Gel Nail Designs

6 Lovely Light Pink Gel Nail Designs

Ah, pink! It’s the color that reminds us of romance, playfulness, innocence, and youth. Pink makes you feel feminine, fresh, and flirty. This color washes over the senses like a breath of fresh air. When worn on a manicure, it delivers a crisp, clean essence to the hand’s natural glow. Pink gel nails boost your mood, so we compiled a list of styles you can try.

Why Choose Pink?

Pink is a color thought to bring calming feelings of love and family. It is utilized in breast cancer awareness campaigns to honor those who lost their lives and those who survived the disease. Simply put, the color pink represents many important aspects of love and humanity.

Pink manicures are popular for many reasons. They are worn as a symbol of support during October for breast cancer awareness, during February for Valentine’s Day, and for the fresh spring season. Pink manicures are beautiful, feminine, and add a touch of glam. Here are the nail trends you need to try right now.

Sweet Pink Gel Nails

Pink is the elixir of love. Apply these sweet pink gel designs for one-of-a-kind digits. Remember to nail prep before every manicure procedure. Nail prep helps the manicure last longer by giving the gel an excellent foundation.

The products you use to create manicures will affect the outcome of the mani. Be sure to use high-quality professional nail products such as gel, acrylic, tools, brushes, and equipment. These items will ensure a beautiful manicure application and removal every time.

1. Pink Glitter Ombre

Ombre is a trend that isn’t fading away anytime soon. Designing a glitter ombre on stiletto gel nails looks majestic. Follow the VBP video tutorial for this nail design. Grab your V Beauty Pure gel nail kit and let’s get started.

  1. Prep the nails: File, push back the cuticle, and wipe the nails with alcohol. 
  2. Apply VPD nail dehydrator, followed by VPB super bond.
  3. Apply a thin, even coat of the V Beauty Pure clear one-step gel. 
    Cure 30 seconds under an LED lamp. 
  4. Apply VBP nail forms to the nails.
  5. Add the one-step gel to the stress point of the nail and smooth it down to form the extension. Cure for 30 seconds under the LED light.
  6. Pinch with tweezers to form the c-curve, then remove the nail forms and file.
  7. Apply a thin coat of VBP clear builder gel.
  8. Sprinkle VBP silver bullet chrome flakes onto the uncured gel, then cure the nails for 30 seconds.
  9. Apply another thin coat of the clear builder gel, then sprinkle pink glitter to the nail plate area. Press the glitter into the nail gently with your nail brush.
  10. Sprinkle orange glitter onto the nail extension, manipulate it around the nail and sidewalls with your nail brush, and cure for 30 seconds. 
  11. Add VBP clear builder gel all over the nails. Cure for 30 seconds. Repeat this step twice.
  12. Wipe the nails with alcohol to remove the tacky layer. 
  13. E-file and hand file the nails to shape. Buff to smooth the nails.
  14. Clean with alcohol, then apply the VBP gel top coat
  15. Cure for 30 seconds under the LED lamp.

2. Sugared Pink Hearts

This sweet set is fun to wear and to design! Create the sugared heart effect on polished gel nails, gel nail extensions, or acrylics. Always make sure to prep the nails before any manicure. 

Watch our VBP Heart-Shaped Sugar Effect tutorial video for a visual guide on how to create this look. The sugary pink hearts have a fuzzy finish that you will adore!

  1. Draw white hearts onto the finished nails using white gel polish and a fine-tipped liner or striping brush.
  2. Sprinkle VBP pink acrylic powders in varying shades onto the wet gel hearts. Make sure to saturate the entire white heart in the pink acrylic powder. Clean your brush in between the use of alternating powder colors.
  3. Cure the nails for 30 seconds under the LED lamp.
  4. Remove the excess powder with a coarse nail brush. 
  5. Wipe the nails with alcohol.

3. Pink Negative Spacing

Nails designed with negative space look challenging to create, but they aren’t. Don’t let the name fool you. Negative spacing allows your natural nail to take the stage by becoming part of the design. We spill all the secrets and how-to’s on negative spacing in our VBP video tutorial here.

To design this nail set, you need the following:

  1. Use the liner brush and pink gel polish to draw the nail design around the nail. Make sure you leave a section of the natural nail visible. 
  2. Again, apply the pink gel polish around the negative space, leaving a portion of the nail in its natural unpolished state.
  3. Apply the matte gel top coat all over the nail and cure for 30.
  4. Apply V Diamond Gel where you want to place the crystals.
  5. Carefully lay the crystals around the nails on top of the V Diamond Gel.

4. Pink Color Block

Color blocking uses one, two, or three different colors side-by-side to create geometric designs. This approach to nails looks super mod and chic when you use colors that complement one another. 

Gel polish, pigmented acrylics, gels, and glitter are perfect for color blocking. For an in-depth look at color blocking techniques using two different methods, including glitter, check out our VBP video tutorial.

5. Pink Marble

There’s just something cool about swirls of pink and white on a long coffin or stiletto nail. This marble design is as sweet as strawberries and cream. Marble designs wear well on any length or shape of nails, including gel nails and acrylic.

Acrylic and gel marble designs are more advanced, but with practice, you will master the technique. The VBP Marble Technique video will guide you on how to create a marble design using acrylic. You can use the same concept with gel.

When creating a marbled design with gel polish, the process is not complicated. Follow the following steps for a pink and white marbling.

  1. Paint the nails all over with white gel polish and cure. 
  2. With a liner brush and pink gel polish, paint a few fine lines tapered down the nail. Create a web of these few lines around the nail. Do not cure.
  3. While the pink lines are still wet, dip the liner brush in a gel top coat and create the marbled shadowing. Do this by spreading the top coat down and around each line with the liner brush. It will cause an ombre effect. When you are satisfied with the marbling, cure the nails under the LED lamp.
  4. Next, add a little dimension with gold or silver glitter gel polish. Dip the liner brush in this polish and outline a few of the more dominant pink lines in the marbling. Cure the nails until they are completely dry.
  5. Apply the gel top coat and cure the nails one last time.

6. Dazzling Rosé

Lighten up your vibe with a fresh, sparkly rosé mani. This design is classy, chic, and a little edgy. 

Paint the nails in solid pink gel polish or pinky nude. Instead of curing right away, sprinkle the tip of each nail in rose gold glitter. After the glitter is applied, cure the nails for 30 seconds under the LED light. Then, finish each nail with a thin, even application of gel top coat and cure again. 

Summing It Up

When wearing pink on your nails, you can’t help but feel flirty and fun. Pink is a color that lightens your mood and spirit. This color goes well on manicures of any caliber. Whether the nails are natural, gel, acrylic, or extensions, creating gorgeous pink digits is only an idea away.

V Beauty Pure is here to help you achieve the nail looks you desire. Our professional nail products, tools, and equipment assist you in creating anything you can imagine. Remember to practice your designs and to keep failing forward. Success comes with hard work and dedication. 


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