Manicure Client Chairs: How to Choose the Best One

Manicure Client Chairs: How to Choose the Best One

Aside from first walking through your doors and feeling out the vibe of your nail salon, the way the client is greeted and the manicure chair you direct them to sit in is going to be one of the first impressions they get of your nail salon. First impressions are crucial, so be sure you’re giving them the best experience right off the bat!  

The chairs you choose for your clients to sit back and relax in are essential to their overall experience. Not only do they have to fit in nicely with your salon’s decor, but they should be as comfortable as possible for your clients. In this article, we are going to explain the most important features to look for on your mission to choose the best manicure chairs for your salon! 

Make the Chair Size-Inclusive

Your salon should be welcoming, comfortable, and inclusive to clients of all shapes and sizes. The last thing you’d want is for someone to come in for a manicure and worry that they won’t fit in the chair. To avoid this problem, choose manicure chairs that are large, lofty, and spacious. It will be cozy for your smaller clients and comfortable for your larger clients. 

Pro tip: Take into consideration the weight limit that the chair can hold. 

Is It Height-Adjustable?

Having chairs with a lever to adjust the height is imperative. One size definitely does not fit all, so opt for a chair with a durable lift to make adjusting the height easier. If your chair is too short or tall for your client, they won’t be comfortable. Plus, they won’t be seated at the proper angle for your nail tech to do their best job. 

Is the Chair on Wheels?

Getting a rolling chair with wheels is something to consider. Your client will likely have wet nails after their manicure (unless they choose gel or acrylic), and the last thing you want is them trying to scoot out of their chair before their nails have dried. Get a chair with wheels so they can effortlessly get out of it before heading to the nail dryer without the need to touch anything. 


Although you may be tempted by fluffy or cozy material, durable leather or faux leather is going to be the most forgiving when it comes to stains and other factors like wiping away nail dust. You’ll have a lot of clients sitting in these chairs and if you hope to have the same chairs for a long time, definitely get a manicure chair that you can easily clean to keep it looking new

Cleaning Leather or Faux-Leather

Cleaning an easy wipe-off material is much more simple, and all you’ll need is a microfiber cloth and a mild soap. It’s best to vacuum the chair first to get off any loose debris. Then, wet the microfiber cloth in soapy water and wipe the chair down

Cleaning Upholstery

Alternatively, upholstered chairs will be a bit more of a struggle.

  • Step 1: Start by vacuuming the chair. You should move from left to right uniformly, especially if you have a material that holds on to dirt like suede or velvet. 
  • Step 3: Target any spots or stains with a powdered spot remover. Gently rub it into the fabric, then vacuum it off. 
  • Step 4: Get an upholstery brush and a small bucket. Fill the bucket with half a teaspoon of clear dish soap and run warm water over it, creating lots of suds. Suds up the chair with the brush, then wipe it off with a dry cloth. Let it dry. 

Look at the Price

While price is definitely a determining factor for the kind of manicure chairs you choose for your salon, don’t skimp when it comes to this purchase. Paying more money for high-quality, durable chairs will be financially viable in the long run since you will be able to keep the same chairs for years to come. If you take the cheap route, your chairs may break and need to be replaced sooner, costing you more money. 

Is the Chair Supportive?

While this may go without saying, having a supportive backrest is crucial. Don’t be swindled by the vibey-looking bar stools that are trending right now. While they may match your decor, they aren’t a smart investment in the long run (plus, they’re so uncomfortable!). 

Another factor to consider is how much cushion they have. Bear in mind that your client will be sitting for a long time, and you don’t want them to get up with a sore bottom. Always try to test out chairs first to be sure they are comfortable.  

Check Out Its Special Features

Little bells and whistles can take your manicure chair can be the difference between a good chair and a great chair. Here are some additional perks available that can level up your customer’s experience. 

Cup Holders​ 

A lot of clients come into the salon with a cup of coffee or a water bottle. If your salon serves complimentary drinks, you definitely want to be able to offer your client a place to put it while they get their nails done. Additionally, providing a cup holder for their drink will also keep your nail technician’s space free of clutter. 

Phone Holder​ 

Speaking of keeping your nail tech’s table free of clutter, their table is not the spot for the client’s cell phone. If they are doing a lot of filing or using an electric filer, dust and debris will be flying around, and the last thing you want is for your client to leave with a nail dust-covered cell phone. Having a spot for them to put their cell phone is an ideal and very useful addition. 

Arm Rests 

If a chair doesn’t have armrests for your clients to rest their arms on, it is an automatic pass. Since your client’s customer is your number one concern, armrests will put them in a comfortable position so they can relax while your nail technician goes to work on their hands. Some manicures can take up to an hour to complete; you wouldn’t want your client to be holding her arms up for that entire time. 


A chair with the ability to recline isn’t all that necessary for manicures. You’ll need the client’s arms to be within reach, so reclining won’t be an option during manicures. The only reason why we might suggest a reclining chair is if you will be using the same chairs for pedicures and manicures. In this case, your client should definitely be able to recline their chair during their pedicure. 

Pick the Right Style

When it comes to style and design, chairs can take on a big role in giving your nail salon its own unique personality. Don’t be afraid to choose chairs with bold colors or patterns. Once you’ve decided on a color palette for your nail salon, use the chairs as an added bonus to compliment your decor. It will make an unforgettable impact on every client that comes through your doors. Additional accents like studs and tassels are a great option to spice up your salon’s style. 

Pro tip: Our advice is to stay away from light colors like white, beige, or other light color tones. These colors will make it hard for you to remove stains and any marks or imperfections will show up easily. 

In Conclusion

Use this guide as your go-to when choosing your salon’s manicure chairs. Although it's a tough job, embrace it as an opportunity to get creative! Your client’s comfort is very important, so don’t skip out on the details that will surely bring their luxurious manicure experience to the next level. After you find the right furniture, make sure you stock up on V Beauty Pure polishes and products too! 


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