Marble Nails: Get the look in 6 Easy Steps

Marble Nails: Get the look in 6 Easy Steps

The marbled nail look is extremely popular right now, especially with DIYers, because of how easy it is to do at home with your own polish and tools. For this design, we definitely recommend using gel polish so that your marbled look will not only last longer but stand out even more.

Before you begin, you will need the following tools for the marbled nail design:

  • Choose two to three different gel nail colors. Try using two primary colors and a glitter color to diversify the look.
  • A white base coat gel polish to apply to your top nail base coat (or any desired gel polish color )
  • Fine art liner brush. 
  • UV/LED lamp.
  • Topcoat for the final coat to protect the design and health of the nail

Before you begin this process, you should know that this is considered a messy manicure, so be prepared to make messes, which we will instruct you on how to clean up later on. However, this is an extremely fun design that anyone can do, no matter their nail design experience. 

Before we start, let’s pause and take a moment to review exactly what marble nails are and why they are so extremely popular.

What Are Marble Nails?

The marble nail trend is extremely hot right now because not only does it look great no matter what colors you complete the look with, but it is also extremely easy to do. This nail art technique allows you to create a beautiful marbled look on your nails using only a cup of water, nail polish, and a toothpick.

The salon-grade look is super easy to do because of this. So now that you know what all the fuss is about, let’s jump right on in so you can give this a try on your own.

Prep Your Nails

Before you start the process of marbling your nails, you first need to prep your nails for the process. You will need to start off by removing any existing nail polish.

After this process, make sure your nails are completely free of any and all nail polish. Also, be sure to file your nail, to the desired nail shape of your choice and push your cuticles back.  

To make sure that your cuticles stay hydrated, regularly push back your cuticles after a bath or shower. You can also use a cuticle serum to maintain hydration. You want to be sure that you are starting your nails off with a clean slate before you begin the marbling design process.

Apply Base Coat

Now that your nails are nice, primed, and completely free of polish, you can now apply a base coat of polish to your nails, or nail, if you want to create an alternating look. 

Then, you will need to apply two thin coats of white polish (or color of your choice) and cure for 60 seconds with an LED lamp, between the application of both coats. This will serve as your marble design base that you will use to create the design.

Prepare The Marble Design

Now that you have applied the base coat and white polish to your nails and have let it dry, you will now be able to create the marble look.

Use your chosen color gel polish and apply drops of each color either on top of one another, or extremely close to one another.  Do not cure yet. 

The Toothpick Process

Once you have added the nail polish of your choice to the nail,, you will now take a toothpick/ or liner brush. begin to swirl the colors around. This is definitely the most fun part of the process as you get to play around with the design using your toothpick.

This is how the design will look on your nail, so definitely pay attention to how you are designing it with the toothpick.

For the best looking results, do not mix the colors to much as it can start to muddle together, and you will lose your marble look. 

Once you are happy with the look, you have achieved.  Place the nails in a UV/LED lamp and cure for 60 seconds. 

Be sure to clean any edges around the nails, before placing in the lamp to cure. 

Apply a Top Coat

Now that you have cleaned up your fingernails and have cured the marble look, you can now begin the process of adding a top protective coat to each nail in order to give it a protective and shiny coat against any damage.

Be sure to coat the entire nail so that the nail design is completely covered to  keep the design looking as new and bright as the day you created and put the design on your nails. 

Give the Marble Look a Try

Now that you know the process of creating this really cool marbled design, you should have no problem replicating this process as a DIY at home.

Let’s recap those steps one more time, so you have everything you need to create this look for your own nails:

  • Clean up your nails first - Make sure that you clean off your nails entirely and that there is no residue polish or dirt that could disrupt the marble design.
  • Add a base coat - Once your fingers have been cleaned up, add a base coat color to all the nails, or alternating nails, that you will be applying the design to and cure for 60 seconds. 
  • Add drops of your chosen colors for the marble, on the nail. 
  • Make it swirl - Take a toothpick/ liner brush and use it to swirl the colors together, making sure that you design the swirls to look the way you want your marbled design to look on your fingernails.
  • Mix the 3 colors in a swirling motion to get the desired look. Cure for 60 seconds, once you are happy with the look. Clean any edges before placing the nails in a lamp. 
  • Add a top protective coat - Once your nails have dried with the marble design on it, apply one coat of  top coat on each and every nail with the marbled design and cure for 60 seconds. . 

See? There is nothing to it! This easy nail design can be done by anyone, and you can choose any different types of colors and glitters that you’d like. 

Try a white base with a black and gold marbled look or a black base with a white and gold marbled look. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. And, by using gel polish, you will be sure to get the best and long-lasting colors out there. 

What are you waiting for? You probably already have these materials at home. Give it a shot and see for yourselves the beautiful results. 

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