Proper Filter Change

Proper Filter Change

V Beauty Pure originally started with our slogan "Where Beauty Meets Health"; most recently the hashtag #DustFreeLife has become even more popular. We here at the company still pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality and healthier products for Nail Salons, Full-Service Salons, Spas, and Beauty Schools. Both of our nail dust collectors, the GEN 5 Nail Dust Collector and Flush Mount Nail Dust Collector, provide exceptional health improvements with filter change playing an essential part to making sure your V Beauty Pure product functions properly.

Nail Dust Collectors and Source Capture Systems by Valentino Beauty Pure

When to Change Your Filter

Filter change all depends on how busy you are as a Nail Technician. If you have a full book and are working 8 - 12 hours a day your filter should be changed every week. If you have a steady book or work just a few days a week your filter should be changed every 2 - 3 weeks. Additionally, your filter needs to be emptied of nail dust in between clients for sanitation and to ensure your machine functions properly. The below image shows how much nail dust is collected after just one client. Please be sure to empty the filter in between each and every client or nail set.
NOTE: Never reuse or wash your filter. The filters are not reusable due to the antimicrobial coating and carbon. The carbon wears down over time from absorbing nail dust and odor along with the antimicrobial coating. If the filter is washed and not replaced in a timely matter, you could potentially cause damage to your nail dust collector.

Nail Dust collected by Valentino Beauty Pure nail dust collectors

How To Change Your Filter

V Beauty Pure has made filter change very easy on both our GEN 5 and Flush Mount model nail dust collectors. You must first determine the filter size you will need for your machine. See the below bullet points to find the correct size filter you will need. If you have any questions about the size filter you will need, please email an image of your machine and we will provide you with a direct link to the correct size filter.

Once you have determined the correct size filter the replacement process is very easy. Simply remove our magnetic signature V-Grate off, remove the current filter from the tray, place the new filter into the tray, and attach the magnetic V-Grate back to the unit. This is the same process that is also used when emptying your filter of nail dust.

Why Am I Changing My Filter?

The reason for filter replacement simply comes down to two things that are in your life every day: nail dust and acrylic odor. Our filters use carbon to absorb acrylic odors. Carbon acts like a sponge; once it is full it cannot absorb any more water or in the case of our industry, acrylic odor. There is also an antimicrobial coating on our filters which kills germs and bacteria. Filters should never be washed as this would remove the antimicrobial coating and once the carbon has fully absorbed odor then replacement is needed. If all of these steps are followed it will ensure your V Beauty Pure nail dust collector functions like new forever.

If you ever have any questions about filter change or maintenance please email us at