Enhance Your Look With Stunning Crystal Nails

Enhance Your Look With Stunning Crystal Nails

Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? Crystal nails are a huge trend right now amongst celebrities and influencers alike. People want top-notch designs for their crystal nails, and they want it to be both stunning and unique. If you want to show off your artistic side, then consider doing these nails for your clients. 

Pink Chrome

This design is out of the ordinary, so you can have extra creative freedom. The effects of chrome nails are mesmerizing. You can use pink chrome flakes for this nail design and top it off with some crystals on each nail at the base. 

Style of nails these look best on: Coffin.

Nude Sparkle

Nude colored nails are perfect for any occasion and can complement anyone’s outfit. Adding a little something extra to this look makes it special for the person getting them. You can do two accent nails on each hand, using a different glitter and crystal pattern on each nail. 

These are perfect for a special event or outing. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square. 

Black And Silver

Classy and sophisticated, these nails don’t mess around. You can start with a glossy black base coat for this look and then arrange your crystals on each nail in a diagonal pattern. This will create a criss-cross fabric effect to the sparkles making it super fun and even flirty.  

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.

Baby Blue Diamond

This look is bright and easy to wear for anyone. The blue nails are accompanied by a row of pearl rhinestones along the cuticle. The line along the cuticle will enhance the nail shape of the person wearing them. It is also easy to recreate on long or short nails.

Style of nails these look best on: Almond.

Burgundy Floral Shimmer

These nails remind us of the beautiful blossoms of spring and summer. Burgundy is a universally flattering color, fit for any skin tone. To achieve this look, start with a burgundy base coat and create a lattice pattern with rhinestones. 

They should curve toward where you design the white flowers on the nails. 

Style of nails these look best on: Round.

Matte Gray Gems

Gray is the perfect moody color for the colder months. It’s sleek and sophisticated, giving off a warm feeling for anyone who wears them. Try a plain gray color or an ombre effect going from dark to light on each nail. Don’t forget to add the sparkle at the end.

Choose an accent nail for a more subtle look, or go crazy with the glitter decorating each finger. 

Barbie Pink

This hot pink color is very reminiscent of the 80s and 90s. We love a good throwback nail, so make sure to add this look to your favorites. Perfect for someone wanting a little more bling in their life, these nails are anything but ordinary. 

Make sure you use a color pink that screams, “drama queen,” and then add rhinestones in an alternating pattern along the nail from the base. Add pearls too if you want to amp it up some more. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square.

Classy Black And White Rhinestones

This look is a perfect color pairing option for more formal looks. It’s a black tie-ready nail design, and it’s super simple to achieve. This inherently classy design is sure to impress. Alter each nail with black and white, covering each one in as many rhinestones as you like. Add them in a pattern at the bottom of the nail or at the tips. 

Style of nails these look best on: Stiletto.

Mermaid Glam

These nails incorporate a reflective, metallic style of nail polish with thin black scales painted on each one. Perfect for any modern theme and for people who prefer life under the sea. It has hints of purple, green, blue, and even silver. 

Carefully add each color and gently blend them together to create a swirled effect without making it look muddy. Add crystals to each scale of the nail’s pattern to make them even more eye-catching. 

Style of nails these look best on: Round. 

Seafoam Green

This color is a spring-forward pastel that is simple yet more exciting than your average nude. It’s ultra-wearable and extremely fresh. You can even level up these seafoam green nails with daisy nail art. Add crystals right in the middle of every flower to make them pop.

Style of nails these look best on: Oval.

Ombre Orange

These nails are sure to pack a peachy punch. You start with a classic nude at the base of the nails and transition into beautiful sunny orange tips. Make sure the nails are super long to get the most out of the effect. Each nail will look stunning with crystal embellishment along the outline of the nail. 

Style of nails these look best on: Coffin.

Rainbow Glitter

Combining all the colors of the rainbow with sparkles makes this look simply magical. For a whimsical nail design, try painting each nail a different color, going in rainbow order. Next, add sparkles to each nail to make them stand out. Finish off with a crystal placed strategically in the middle of the base of each nail, almost like a unicorn horn. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square or Round.

Pearly White And Pink

Cotton candy pink gets a creative boost with glitter for this nail design. This soft natural pink is the perfect complement to sparkly diamonds on your accent nail. They provide interest and catch the light no matter where you are. Add a combination of pearls and diamonds to each accent nail that you choose. They can go with any outfit you choose, especially a cute and casual one. 

Style of nails these look best on: Coffin.

Abstract Design

These nails can be whatever you make them. Abstract art means it can be squiggly lines, random dots, and blocky shapes. This means you can express your design however you want and be as messy as you want to. 

You can use a ton of colors or just one and just go crazy. Each nail can be different, and you don’t have to worry about them matching. You can follow that same idea for the crystals too. Add them sporadically to whichever nails you think they should be on. 

Style of nails these look best on: Oval.

Purple Gradient

Instead of picking just one color of purple, why not pick them all? You can take this look from soft and subtle to dramatically vibrant with sparkle and crystal details. 

The gradient design creates the illusion of shifting rainbow colors. It’s almost like an ombre effect, except a little bit different. Go from dark to light or vice versa, making sure to paint each one carefully and smoothly. 

Style of nails these look best on: Round.

Beautiful Butterfly

If you’ve ever wanted to encompass the elegance of a butterfly, then this is the perfect look. This unique pattern reminds you of a butterfly’s delicate wings, without being too obvious. 

First, create a multicolored base for your nails with light green, pink, and orange. 

Then, create small, thin black lines that go vertically along the nail. This is to replicate the wing structure of the insect. 

As the finishing touch, add small crystal embellishments along the nail base, following the natural shape of the cuticle. 

Style of nails these look best on: Round. 

Glitzy French

French manicures are such a timeless nail design that can be jazzed up with sparkles and diamonds. Keep the nude or pink base the same, and then add a sparkly white color to the tips, along with some crystals of your choosing on the accent nails. These nails are ideal for people who like understated nails with a little bit of glamour. 

Style of nails these look best on: Square.


Another gorgeous nail design that can be made better with sparkle is marbled nails. All you have to do is apply the base coat of your choice and then dot on the color you would like to appear like marble. 

Then, add smaller dots of the base coat on top of the marble color.  Use a detail brush to swirl around the colors in a free-form shape on each nail. 

Add a sparkly clear topcoat and then bedazzle the nails in an outlined shape. 

Style of nails these look best on: Almond. 

Covered With Rhinestones

For the final look, we have put the most outlandish nail design for the boldest of customers. Make sure you have a base coat to start with, and then completely cover the nails in crystals as close together as possible. 

These nails are not for people who prefer to stay under the radar because they are sure to get some attention. 

Style of nails these look best on: Coffin.