When to Get Your Nails Done Before a Wedding: The Perfect Timing for Everyone

When to Get Your Nails Done Before a Wedding: The Perfect Timing for Everyone

Wedding bells ringing in the distance means a tug-of-war between excitement and stress. Whether you’re prepping for your big day, being a responsible M.O.H. and getting the girls ready, or even just attending the event, there are a few things at the top of your list—and getting your nails in good shape is at the very top. 💍

Wondering when to get your nails done before a wedding? You’re in the right place. As chaotic as things might feel in the weeks and months before, we’re here to help ensure your nails are on point for the big day. As with many monumental moments in life, timing is everything.

What Kind of Wedding Nails Are There?

First, let’s talk trends and tradition! What kind of wedding nails are popular right now? Which options are timeless? From gel to acrylic manicures—not to mention the decision between delicate pink or rich jewel-toned polish—choosing the style of your wedding nails can be daunting. 

Below, are a couple of gorgeous styles you can’t go wrong with.

3 Tips for a Timeless and Traditional Style

timeless wedding nails

If you’d consider yourself a classic individual, here are three tips to achieve an elegant nail style:

  1. Stick to classic shapes.
  2. Choose natural colors.
  3. Opt for minimal designs.

Depending on your chosen attire, a timeless manicure might just be the cherry on top of your wedding look. 🍒

3 Tips for a Trendy and Unique Style

Trendy wedding nails

Looking for a little more flair? Going with a trendy nail style can elevate your outfit and let you show off your personality. 

These three tips will help your manicure stand out from the crowd:

  1. Experiment with unique shapes.
  2. Try on nontraditional colors.
  3. Play with edgy designs.

If you’re hoping to try something outside your comfort zone, you may want to try a couple of styles beforehand. That way, you know exactly what you want when the time comes.

How Much Do Wedding Nails Cost?

The price of your wedding day nails depends on whether you opt for acrylic, gel, or polish. Both acrylic and gel manicures will run you anywhere from $35–70 (on average, they can be more expensive with add-ons). Polish manicures will be less expensive, typically around $30–40, but they won’t last as long. 

If you’re getting your nails done for a big event, we recommend going with a gel or acrylic manicure to get the most lasting power.

How Soon Before the Wedding Should I Get My Nails Done?

Having banged-up nails on your wedding day would be absolutely crushing! 💔The window of opportunity for scratches, chips, or breaks is large. Aim to get your nails done one or two days before the wedding to prevent any of that from happening. 

Nail Guide for Members of the Wedding Party

Weddings are big, exciting events with multiple moving parts. The wedding party is one of the most important factors, and knowing your place within it will keep everything running smoothly. So, depending on where you stand in the party, your preferences may vary.

Matching your nails to your overall look is crucial to make everything come together—and the struggle of matching your nails to your white dress is especially real for the bride.

Here’s a handy nail guide for every member of the wedding party.

The Bride

If we’re talking about your big day, then first of all, congratulations! Time to pair this new adventure with a glistening full set. ✨


You shouldn’t feel limited on your wedding day. Never fear—VBP has your back. We have one of the widest color selections on the market, so you'll find something you love no matter what your tastes are. 

If you plan to DIY your nails, shop these recommendations directly. If you’re booking with a nail technician, find one that uses VBP products and let them know your preferences. Trust us—you won’t regret it. 

Depending on your theme's colors, you can also opt for any shade out of that palette. You can’t go wrong with a classic nude shade or even something a little more pink-toned. But if you’re feeling bold, try out a candy apple red. 🍎 


If you’re going for more of a classic style, try almond, rounded, oval, or square-shaped nails. Feeling a little edgier? Go bold with a stiletto shape.

Pro Tip

Take care of your hands for about four to six weeks before the big day. The more moisturized and cared-for your nails are, the better your manicure will look and last.

The Bridesmaids

Being a bridesmaid is no small task. The bride depends on you for many things—let’s ensure your nails are as reliable as yours.


The best advice we can give you for the color of your manicure is stick to the theme. Unless the bride and groom specifically tell you something different, try and opt for shades that align with the bride's attire and the overall atmosphere.


Tune in to your personal style to figure out what shape to go with. Is the tone of the wedding more classical? Go for almond or rounded. Is it more experimental? Try something unique, like a flare shape.

Pro Tip

If you want your manicure to be flawless, do a trial run before the big day. Gather your inspiration and head to your nail tech for a test run. 

The Mother of the Bride

For the mother of the bride, many stylistic variations would polish off your look. After all, this is your big day, too, right?


Opt for a deeper tone if you’re looking to steer away from traditional nudes. Neutral doesn’t have to just mean beige, after all. A rich brown polish would do the trick beautifully.


All bets are off on shape preferences. Go traditional with a rounded or squared shape, or get creative with a stiletto edge.

Pro Tip

Try not to get too adventurous with your chosen style. If your personality is on the edgier side and you know what you like, by all means, go for it! But weddings are the time when staying in your lane is the most beneficial. 


Wedding guests aren’t held to the same standards as members of the wedding party. You’re allowed to deviate from the theme or stick to your usual style. 


While we don’t recommend choosing colors that would distract from the event’s theme, you can branch out into some complementary colors if that suits you.

If you’re at a loss for ideas and don’t want to go with your usual nude, try one of the theme colors out. You’re sure to match perfectly.


There’s no right shape to choose as a wedding guest. Elongating your nails and enhancing your natural shape is a bet that pays off every single time. 🃏 

Pro Tip

Just in case the unthinkable happens and your nail chips right before the event, have a backup on hand. Have your favorite polish in your bag and a file so you can easily salvage your set. 

How to Keep Your Nails Looking Great for the Big Day

White long wedding nails

Trying to keep your nails in perfect shape for the special day? The best thing you can do is take excellent care of them. This includes a regular trimming, filing, and moisturizing routine. You can even start getting regular manicures for a few months to maintain them professionally. 

For those who want the absolute best results, find your favorite polish before your nail appointment. Choosing one in the salon can be stressful, and they might not have precisely what you need. VBP has a wide range of gel polishes that would be perfect for your upcoming event. 

Make This Wedding Memorable with VBP

The question of when to get your nails done before a wedding (whether yours or a friend’s) is essential. Now you know—steer away from early manicures and try for a day or two before for best results. A trial run could also save your life, so consider doing one. 

To make your wedding nails as memorable as possible, opt for VBP products. Our selection and quality are second to none, so you’ll be sure to have the best manicure possible.