Why Having A Manicure Table In Your Salon Matters

Why Having A Manicure Table In Your Salon Matters

A manicure table is not just any old surface to do a manicure on. It is purpose-built to make a nail technician's job easier. Not only is it beneficial for the nail artist, but it also impacts the experience for the client. 

Whether you are opening a new salon, redecorating your current one, or simply curious, it is important to know why having a manicure table matters. Keep reading to understand all of the benefits of having a manicure table in your salon. 

Professional Appearance

When you go into almost any salon, they will likely have a manicure table. The same way you would expect a doctor to have a stethoscope, a nail artist will have a manicure table. It is simply a professional standard.

So, if you are hoping to gain the respect of your clients and competition, a manicure table is required. Having a plain table, like a desk or kitchen table, could make people view you as an amateur. The specialized table gives you a professional appearance that lets people know you mean business. 

Keep Supplies Handy

Of course, the table is not all about how it makes you look. It also makes your job easier by organizing your supplies and keeping them handy. With built-in drawers and shelves, you can easily store and organize all of the supplies you need. This is especially nice because it will keep your tabletop clear and allow you more usable workspace for your client. 

You can also use additional organizing tools like trays or dividers to keep your supplies tidy so that they are easy to retrieve. A great system is to have polish in one drawer, nail equipment in another, and additional supplies like acetone and cotton in the last drawer. Keeping your supplies handy is what the manicure table does best so that you can work at your optimum performance without having to run around looking for your handpiece

Comfort for the Client

Without your clients, your business would not succeed, so it is important to always put the client first. This can encompass the small things like offering free drinks or magazines for their convenience. But, when they are sitting in the salon for hours, you want to make sure that they are comfortable.

The manicure table is set up to make the client as comfortable as possible. It provides them a personal space that they do not have to share with any other customers. It is also set at a comfortable height, with padded wrist rests and a comfortable chair so that their body is physically comfortable during their time of rest and relaxation. Basically, your manicure table is not just for you but is also vital to keeping your customers comfortable and satisfied. 

Better Lighting 

Quality lighting is of the utmost importance to the quality of your work, as well as the ease with which it is done. Not having enough lighting can cause you to strain your eyes and feel uncomfortable. 

Manicure tables often have a built-in light so that no matter where your station is positioned in the salon, you will have adequate lighting. The light is usually on a bendy or adjustable stem that can be moved to give you the best visualization possible.  

Higher Quality Nails

While you may have amazing nail design skills, a manicure table can help to elevate your performance. From the easily accessible lighting, wrist pads, and hand rests, you can position the client and have more than adequate visibility. 

There is nothing worse than a client’s floating hand that keeps twitching as you are painting intricate designs. A salon table helps you to have better overall control of the situation. If you are looking to get the best result possible, consider investing in the proper equipment to do so. A manicure table is the gold standard tool to help you achieve the best nails possible. 

Easily Cleaned

Dealing with paint and harsh chemicals like acetone on a daily basis means you need a workstation that’s tough. Too many times, there are white or wood tabletops covered in different polish colors that have added up over the years—not to mention the lack of finish on the table from having acetone repeatedly spilled on it. 

When working, the last thing you want to do is worry about how you are impacting the table you are on. A manicure table is specially designed for your type of work, so the tabletop should be acetone and polish-proof. So your equipment investment will take you a lot further than purchasing a table that is bound to be ruined in a few months of use. 

Perfect Size for You and the Client

You do not want your table to be too big because you will not be able to reach your client. Too small, and you will be kicking each other under the table. You want it to be just right so that you are the perfect distance from each other and can comfortably work on their nails without being too up close and personal.

The manicure table takes all of the guesswork out of choosing a table that is just the right size. It is constructed with nail technicians and clients in mind so that it is ready to be purchased, then sit down and get right to work. 

Proper Body Mechanics

When staying in one position for an extended period of time, it is important to use proper body mechanics to protect your body from injury. The manicure table has created a way to optimize your body mechanics to promote the health and well-being of your body. 

One of the ways it does this is through being at the right height. This means you will not be reaching up or down, so your spine and shoulders will be in alignment. It also can provide wrist supports to you so that your wrists are not straining to stay up and be flexed for a long period of time. Overall, the manicure table is ergonomic and supports your body’s natural movements to keep it in the best shape possible. 


Some salons are very small, meaning you need to get every inch out of your space that you can. Something that can help with this is to have equipment that is versatile and not stationary. Some nail tables come on wheels so that you can move the stations around. This can be helpful to move people’s stations out of the way when they are not working so that you have some more room for yourself and your client. 

Mobility can also be a plus if you like to frequently redecorate and rearrange the layout of your salon. Instead of having to lug around large tables, you can choose one’s with wheels to make the process easier. 

Multiple Stations in One

Having multiple areas in your salon like a manicure area, and drying area takes up a lot of space. It also can be exhausting for your client to have to move all around the salon during their visit. A manicure table can combine all of those areas into one to make the experience more efficient. 

On the top surface of the table, you can use it for painting and removing old polish. The shelf area can house a UV light to cure the polish right at your station. You can even place a drying fan underneath the table so your client can dry their toenails if necessary. Your manicure table is truly a multifunctional tool. 

In Summary

The manicure table is more than just a workstation. It enhances your ability to function at the best capacity while keeping you and your client comfortable. It makes your work easier and more functional for an efficient workday. V Beauty Pure offers four models of manicure tables to fit all of your needs and enhance your salon’s functionality and aesthetics. 


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