Why Nail Prep Dehydrator Should Be an Indispensable Part of Your Acrylic Routine

Why Nail Prep Dehydrator Should Be an Indispensable Part of Your Acrylic Routine


Not using a nail prep dehydrator as a regular part of your nail care routine?


A nail prep dehydrator is the ultimate way to achieve perfectly consistent, well-applied acrylic tips on every finger. It helps your manicure last longer and can even help keep your nails healthy and undamaged.

What Is a Nail Prep Dehydrator?

 When applying a new set of acrylic nails, prepping the surfaces of your natural nails is one of the most important first steps. Nail prep dehydrator removes oil and moisture from your nail plate, preparing them for a completely dry seal in anticipation of acrylic nail application.

Applying a nail prep dehydrator is as easy as applying a thin coat of ordinary nail polish. This super-thin liquid usually comes in a small bottle with an included application brush.

Can you use household products as an alternative to a nail prep dehydrator? Some influencers claim that acetone and other harsh chemicals can be used to accomplish roughly what nail prep dehydrator is formulated for, but we advise against alternatives of this nature. 

While cosmetic-grade dehydrators are very potent, they won’t burn your skin as industrial acid products will. Please take our word for it—and try ours instead!

Nail Primer vs. Nail Prep Dehydrator

Is a dehydrator the same as nail primer? Not quite. 

Simply put, a nail prep dehydrator is a chemical treatment that eliminates oil on the surface of the nails. After doing this and applying a nail bonder to elevate the pH levels of your nails, acrylic nail primer ensures a solid seal between your natural nails and the enhancements being applied. 

Nail prep dehydrator and nail primer cannot be used interchangeably—instead, consider them partners in crime. Both play a vital role, and using both whenever possible is our recommendation.

When and How to Use Nail Prep Dehydrator

When do you use a nail prep dehydrator? You’re ready for nail prep after washing your hands, working with your cuticles, buffing, and filing your nails.

Dehydrator should be applied in a thin layer to the surface of the nails alone; avoid coating the surrounding skin with this product. Once this solution is dry to the touch, you’re ready to apply a thin layer of nail primer over the top. 

Do You Use Nail Prep Dehydrator Before Gel Polish? 

Do you need a nail dehydrator and primer for gel nails? You can get by without it, but you shouldn’t if you’ve got a dehydrator on hand.

The nail prep dehydrator removes all dirt and oil from the surface of your nails at a molecular level, helping to prevent chipping and lifting. Even soap left on your nails after washing your hands can interfere with the look of your gel coating, making a dehydrator the best way to ensure a clean sweep.

The Benefits of Using Nail Prep Dehydrator for DIY Acrylic Nails

The most obvious benefit for nail prep dehydrator is a comprehensive acrylic/gel nail routine—a higher-quality application resulting in a more beautiful manicure that simply lasts longer. 

Additionally, using the right nail prep dehydrator will also accomplish the following:


  • A nail prep dehydrator can help keep your nails healthier.

  • Using a dehydrator also prevents your natural nails from becoming damaged.

  • It smooths to the surface of the nails, filling in knicks and grooves for a perfect finish.

  • It sanitizes the surface of the nails entirely, leaving nothing behind.

Is a nail prep dehydrator worth it? Absolutely! If you’re serious about your look and love to do DIY nails at home, it’s a must-have in our eyes. Try it, and you’ll see and feel an enormous difference!